ASUSWRT Merlin Build 384.5 or later ON Linksys EA6900 or EA6700

Discussion in 'Other Firmware Projects' started by Starbuck99, Jun 26, 2018.

  1. eduardoll

    eduardoll New Member Member

    I followed exact the same steps and I cant make it work here.

    I have 2 EA6900 runing the latest A68U firmware, but cant connect the AIMESH node.

    did you do anything else? what is your setup there? what is your main router and what is your node?

  2. Mike Ong

    Mike Ong New Member Member

    I have multiple TM-AC1900 converted routers (AC68U), which I used as AiMesh router and nodes (ethernet backhaul). To get EA6900 connected as an AiMesh node, I performed the following:

    1) take the CFE from post #101,
    2) modify it so that MAC addresses match with your router
    - the LAN and 2.4GHz MAC should match with the mac address written at the back of your router,
    - the mac address for 5GHz should be the LAN+4
    3) also modify the following fields in the CFE:

    (credit goes to david901 at post #195)
    4) flash this CFE to ea6900
    5) install the latest AiMesh firmware from Asus (for AC68U).

    after these steps, I was able to connect EA6900 (v1.1) as an AiMesh node.

    Last edited: Apr 22, 2019
  3. bikeboy24

    bikeboy24 Serious Server Member

    Thanks for the instructions. How did you get the front LED to light up?? Mine just stays dark after booting up...
  4. bobbyvont

    bobbyvont New Member Member

    flash Merlin front LED to light up
    asus Official front LED is off
  5. bobbyvont

    bobbyvont New Member Member

    my ea6900 use model=RT-AC66U_B1 Wifi is off with Initialization,then reboot Wifi is on with every startup!so aimesh Ethernet backhaul is ok,wireless backhaul it cannot scan aimesh node other one。
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