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Discussion in 'X-WRT - OpenWRT Firmware' started by dbcch, Dec 13, 2006.

  1. dbcch

    dbcch LI Guru Member

    For a long time now OpenWrt has been recognized as a superior embedded firmware because of its stability, extensibility, security, and efficiency. Instead of a single, static firmware that attempts to fulfill the needs of everyone, OpenWrt is an extensible platform with hundreds of packages available to transform your router into what YOU want it to be.

    The only drawback of OpenWrt to date has been that it lacked a good web based management console (webif). Now, that situation has changed.

    During the last couple months development of a new webif has been taking place. Called webif^2, it is a part of the X-Wrt project to enhance the appeal of OpenWrt to end users. (X-Wrt is a free, open-source, multi-developer project hosted at Berlios).

    The new webif has come a long way already. It offers everything you'd expect from any firmware, along with the inherent benefits of OpenWrt's extensible platform. Furthermore, it has features not found in alternate firmwares, like real-time CPU and traffic graphs.

    Due to the power of webif^2, it is recommended that users do have at least some small level of technical sophistication. So while its not for the complete newbie (yet), most users with any technical background will find it quite an enjoyable experience.

    Development is progressing so rapidly that we don't even try to keep our screenshots up to date anymore ;). In another month, who knows where we'll be. Now is the time to get aboard this new project and help us shape the future of OpenWrt for end users.

    Installation of OpenWrt with X-Wrt's webif^2 can be performed two ways:

    1. Flash a pre-built OpenWrt image with webif^2.
    2. Flash stock OpenWrt image and then install webif^2.

    For detailed installation instructions, as well as other information about X-Wrt and webif^2, see our web site at
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    Since OpenWRT is not supported much on this site, could you please also list what Linksys routers inc version numbers OpenWRT/X-WRT supports for our users?
  3. thepeople

    thepeople LI Guru Member

    We currently support WRT54G(S)(L) V1-4 and the WRTSL54GS. There has been some work done on a micro image for WRT54G(S) V5+ by X-Wrt to make a better micro image with a webif but it is incomplete at the moment.
  4. dbcch

    dbcch LI Guru Member

    screenshots / kamikaze

    I should add non-Linksys devices to thepeople's list as well.

    OpenWrt White Russian supports:

    WRT54G and WRT54GS v1-v4
    WRT54G and WRT54GS v5-v6 coming soon
    WRT54GL v1.x

    In addition, when OpenWrt Kamikaze and our support of it is finished, many more platforms will become available. More information about the extensive hardware support of OpenWrt is available here.


    I updated our screenshots for Milestone 2.5. View screenshot gallery.

    Here's a taste of what the webif looks like (note that multiple themes are available and six different colors):


  5. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks. I have added a quick hack on the site now to display external images to 800x600 however if you click on the image you'll get the original file image without image size restrictions.
  6. Yasha613

    Yasha613 Network Guru Member

    sweet, it's got a subsection here now.
  7. sufrano63

    sufrano63 Network Guru Member this a typo? Is this meant WHR-G54S?
  8. thepeople

    thepeople LI Guru Member

    Yep that is a typo, it should be WHR-G54S
  9. lwf-

    lwf- Network Guru Member

    I'm running Tomato now and is happy with that, but its always good with alternatives and this seems like a really nice one, so keep up the good work. :)
  10. MiseryQ

    MiseryQ Network Guru Member

    I've switched from Tomato to OpenWRT+X-WRT then to the X-WRT firmware.

    It's not for the faint but I'm very happy with it.
  11. CPH_Boomer

    CPH_Boomer LI Guru Member

    Drool all over my keyboard, plz make this firmware for WRT300N V.2 EU !!
    I'm beggin you guys !
  12. tekunix

    tekunix LI Guru Member

    Very...very nice... Can someone mention some pros and cons vs DD-WRT & Tomato? I'm about to give it a try... but would like to read some comments and comparisons first...thanks in advance...

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  13. Disman_ca

    Disman_ca Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    Its still listed as a work in progress on the OpenWrt site so you'll have to wait and see.
  14. tekunix

    tekunix LI Guru Member

    I was testing this firmware for the past week... I can really say it's a dream come true for linux users... You can edit any file directly from the GUI, install, delete packages... a very, very professional firmware. I give it 10/10.

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  15. mr_infinity

    mr_infinity LI Guru Member

    Could you expand on your experience regarding the switch? I've been happy with Tomato as well but am always open to alternatives. Was it a relatively painless update? What new functionality have you tested?
  16. Kibe

    Kibe LI Guru Member

    Would be glad if it was able to store traffic on WAN port during a month in GB as Tomato does.

    Will try it in test WRT54G v 1.1 later!
  17. acruxksa

    acruxksa Network Guru Member

    Just finished putting this on my Asus WL500gp. Took a bit to figure out that I had to put the router in flash mode (unplug, hold reset button while plugging back in, let go of reset button when power light starts flashing) before uploading x-wrt's integrated firmware to my router via tftp. After that things worked great. I installed a couple usb packages, samba server and now have a network storage drive connected and working (took some configuration of smb.conf).

    Anyway, I've been using DD-WRT for several years now (still using it on a couple wrt54gs's and buffalo routers) and this x-wrt addon to openwrt makes is quite easy to use and still gives you the power of openwrt. Many of the options that are present in this firmware are also present in DD-WRT, but with x-wrt you also have a large list (and I do mean large) of add on packages to personalize the router.

    two thumbs up to the developers of X-WRT and OpenWRT.
  18. arSouth

    arSouth LI Guru Member

    Is OpenWRT and X-WRT going to in any chance, making the firmware compatable with the WRV200?
    Thank You, because the linksys firmware is crapy.
  19. Bill_MI

    Bill_MI Network Guru Member

    I'm surprised the WRV200 hasn't drawn more attention. Source is released, CPU is RealTek which is far more open source friendly than Broadcom and speed/cost is rated one of the best bargains around.

    OpenWrt officially lists it as "work in progress" but I see no indication from anyone actually working on it. It'll take the right people to make it take off.
  20. HughR

    HughR LI Guru Member

    I agree. But perhaps the proof is in the pudding or lack thereof.
    I actually manufactured the row for the WRV200 in the OpenWRT table of hardware. I assume that is where you got "Work In Progress" from.

    I filled in all the elements of the row as best I could. The status column points to the same page as rows for other RTL8651B-based systems do.

    I don't know who, if anyone, is working on the RTL8651B project. I haven't even looked. There have been a four edits to since I touched it half a year ago. The most interesting was the addition of a link to
  21. Bill_MI

    Bill_MI Network Guru Member

    Hi HughR,

    Yes, your entries on that WRV200 line are golden. Much thanks to everyone that contributes.

    Since posting this I discovered several discussions how the WRV200 is programmed in uCLinux which seems to be the fly in the ointment. This apparently creates a large task to merge it into existing projects. Perhaps someone with more insight can explain why (I'm no programmer).

    The WRV200 looks like great potential that just won't develop, unfortunately.
  22. HughR

    HughR LI Guru Member

    I don't know that much about recent uCLinux. The project started in my town (Toronto) and I have talked to the founders, but that was perhaps a decade ago.

    The main idea of uCLinux was to create a patch for the Linux kernel that eliminated the need for an MMU. The original target architecture was the Motorola 68K in a Palm Pilot (Dragonball, I think). Without an MMU, fork(2) is difficult and much userland code has to be massaged to replace fork calls with vfork(2).

    The chipset in the WRV200 does have an MMU. So I don't know why they are using uCLinux. Perhaps a holdover from the previous version of the chipset that did not have an MMU. Perhaps uCLinux has a better realtime behaviour. Perhaps the chipset manufacturer provided only uCLinux.

    I seem to remember that some ARM systems require horribly expensive cache flushes when switching processes in a system using the MMU. Something similar may apply in the WRV200 case (but its CPU is MIPS32-based, not ARM-based).

    In theory one should be able to port the relevant kernel patches from uCLinux to the mainstream kernel. I have no idea how hard this is. Perhap uCLinux has diverged from mainstream Linux. Perhaps some of the drivers are binary-only.
  23. blackcode

    blackcode Guest

    does anyone knows if it is compatible with wag354g v2 router?
    i want to make it AP ;)
  24. Bill_MI

    Bill_MI Network Guru Member

  25. danix71

    danix71 LI Guru Member

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