At Last My Network is working!!!! (WRT54GX4)

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by losangeles, Mar 31, 2006.

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    After two weeks of headaches, countless hours of setting-experiments and tooooo much frustration I finally have a super-fast, stable wireless network.

    My first router was WRT54GS which although stable as a rock for two years could not provide wireless video streaming at long distances (even had slight problems at short ones some times ).

    The first substitute was the WRT54GX2 and its notebook card WRC54GX. Three routers in 2 weeks and no go. Countless problems that you can read here but most of all unreliable hardware implementation as they were all loosing power and I had to unplug them for power and plug them back in to work.

    So after 3 defective routers I decided to leave Linksys (at least for a short while) and try my luck with Belkin's Pre-N duo. No go. The client utility of the notebook adapter didn't even support WPA encryption and I had to use Windows' Wireless Zero to connect; which of course gave me another new bunch of problems. Totally unstable wireless transfer speeds in all channels ranging from 500kbps to 2000kpbs and continuous connection dropouts along with internet disconnections even though the wireless was connected (a problem that appears to be common to Belking pre-n routers according to support forums).

    So my last resort was Linkys' WRT54GX4 and its adapter WPC54GX4 even though I've read all reviews and posts and there were many problems and experiments with beta, yet unreleased firmwarethat did not resolve them. But eventually this is what works for me.

    It is simply blazing fast and stable. The router shipped with firmware 1.0.13 which is not on Linksys' website but you can find it on the net (even 1.0.15 is out but I am totally sticking with 13 as everything works great).

    So I am posting all my findings in case anyone might be interested. I am not saying that this will work for everyone but at least it works for me. I can stream video from my Netgear SC101 network attached storage at great distance and speeds that I didn’t know those speeds were possible for wireless connections.

    WRT54GX4 & WPC54GX4:

    Wired transfer speeds: ~9000Kpbs/s
    Wireless transfer speeds: 2500Kpbs to 4200kpbs mostly ranging to the high 3000kpbs. Transmit speed of 144 to 336 Mpbs as reported by Linksys client utility.

    WRT54GX2 & WPT54GX:

    Wired transfer speeds: ~7000Kpbs/s
    Wireless transfer speeds: 1000Kpbs to 2000kpbs with continuous high variation; even dropping at 300kbps at times. Transmit speed of 32 to 108Mpbs.

    Belkin's PRe-N router - adapter

    Wired transfer speeds: ~7000Kpbs/s
    Wireless transfer speeds: 1000Kpbs to 2500kpbs with continuous high variation dropping at 500kbps at times, continuous connection drops and internet disconnections.

    I live in an apartment complex that is totally dense from wireless networks. The Linksys client utility reports more than 20 wireless networks most of them with great signal strength which probably makes wireless transfers a pain. Apparently the use of Adaptive Channel Expansion that the new router supports does work which as reported in the help section " Provides increased data rates by increasing the RF bandwidth. The existing 20 MHz bandwidth is increased to 40 MHz by combining adjacent channels". I am using channel 2 and the adaptive channel is automatically configured by the router to channel 6.

    I have not yet tried to use Skype to see if the problem of random packet drops occurs as reported in other posts here. I will do so and post my findings.

    At last. My network is working as I envisioned! :thumbup:

    Edit: Just to add that during all tests I was using WPA/PSK AES
  2. raid-5

    raid-5 Network Guru Member

    thanks for ur infor ~~

    it's useful to me~

    I'm planing to get the WRT54GX4 as well
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