ATA/VOIP adapter through Tomato - Best Practices

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by RixNox, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. RixNox

    RixNox Serious Server Member

    With tomato running on an Asus RT-N16 in AP mode (no NAT, no Firewall), one of the Ethernet ports will be used to attach a Cisco SPA112 ATA adapter to allow voice connections (phone).

    While the WISP assures that voice bandwidth reservation/protection is handled by their Mikrotik router (running in front of Tomato), I'd like to ensure proper configuration for the connected ATA if needed:

    Internet-->Mikrotik (NAT + Firewall enabled + VOIP "QoS")->Tomato (AP mode, no NAT, no Firewall)->Ethernet cable->Cisco SPA112 (ATA)

    Does this configuration require special handling? Your thoughts?

    Thank you
  2. occamsrazor

    occamsrazor Network Guru Member

    Don't know about SPA112 but I use a SPA-3102. In the past I had some issues with registration dropping out. IF, and I mean if, you have some kind of issue like that try adjusting the timeouts. If you don't have such problems don't be changing from the defaults I guess. I use, which I got from previous (long time ago) discussion on this forum:

    TCP Timeouts:
    Established: 120
    Everything else: 20

    UDP Timeouts:
    Unreplied: 30
    Assured: 180

    Other timeouts:
    Generic: 600
    ICMP: 30

    Assign the ATA a static IP (or static DHCP) and give QoS priority based on that IP address.

    Maybe this is basic to you but hope it helps...
  3. gfunkdave

    gfunkdave LI Guru Member

    Nope, the router will provide QoS. Tomato will just be a wireless bridge.
  4. RixNox

    RixNox Serious Server Member

    Correct, however I will trim some degree of QoS also on the Tomato, to avoid network clogging :)
  5. gfunkdave

    gfunkdave LI Guru Member

    If the Tomato router is just acting as a non-NAT wireless AP, it will not be able to do anything with QoS.
  6. RixNox

    RixNox Serious Server Member

    I was suspecting this, before buying the Asus router and thinking about Tomato... I've asked to a friend of mine running tomato in AP mode, I was told that the QoS menu was enabled also in AP mode, so we thought that it would work.
    So, shall I need to configure the Tomato in router mode to enable QoS? Or is it just a NAT matter?
  7. gfunkdave

    gfunkdave LI Guru Member

    Tomato needs to serve traffic across the WAN port with NAT for QoS to work.
  8. RixNox

    RixNox Serious Server Member

    Ok. So router mode + WAN port.

    Keeping NAT disabled (to avoid double NATting) would allow QoS?
  9. gfunkdave

    gfunkdave LI Guru Member

    No, NAT is required. See my related thread from a few days ago.
  10. RixNox

    RixNox Serious Server Member

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