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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by dryclean, Dec 8, 2007.

  1. dryclean

    dryclean LI Guru Member

    I have a business network with 1 server and 3 pos(point of sale) stations or client

    The point of sale must use a specific ip address to work I use 192.168.1.xx xx is the computer number ie for the server

    I have everything running off a switch. I got a Motorola dsl from ATT
    it's address is If I have my system with specific IP address the dsl doesn't work If I have automatic ip address the dsl works but then my pos network doesn't work

    Can some one walk me through what I need hardware wise and connection wise.
    I want just the server to have access to the Internet the client don't need to.

    Just not sure how to set up the ip's and the hardware

  2. RitchieTheBrit

    RitchieTheBrit LI Guru Member

    I must admit, I would be very tempted to replace your switch and modem with a router with built-in modem, it's a LOT easier to configure, essentially, as long as you can connect to the router, be it with static or dynamic IPs, then you should be able to get online.

    Do your PoS units have PCI slots? Going wireless could be an option then, and it would make any future relocations of the PoS units a lot easier!
  3. dryclean

    dryclean LI Guru Member

    When I was wireless before the wireless bar code reader won't work right
    the wireless phone would screw it up
    I also want to go 10/100/1000 and wireless doesn't go as fast plus I have to maybe worry about some one getting into the network

    I don't have a modem router so what are my options
  4. RitchieTheBrit

    RitchieTheBrit LI Guru Member

    Wireless security is a lot tighter now with WPK as opposed to WEP, and the N standard has really pushed wireless speeds to a new level.

    Anyway, I have never dealt with your type of setup before, I was under the impression that the modem wasn't assigned an IP. Normally, the router is given a very low IP address (the default for most routers out of the box is, or, with the computers connecting having a higher IP address (, 102, 103 etc).

    So, I would try the following scheme....

    PoS 1:
    PoS 2:
    PoS 3:

    Try using those address, and see if that helps?
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