Automatic IP Renewal when computer connects

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by arafey, Nov 22, 2010.

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    Hello everyone,

    Tell me if this is possible:
    computer with static dhcp ip of connects to router. Router then starts a script which will renew the public ip address every 1 hour. Computer gets off the network/shuts off/goes into standby and the script stops.

    Currently I use the Renew script in the Scheduler tab but it gets in the way when I'm playing games on a console. I would almost never use the console and computer at the same time so we don't need to factor the console into the problem. I'm no good with cron commands so sorry if this has an easy fix.

    I was thinking that this information from the log might be useful for the part of the script that involves identifying when the computer connects:

    Nov 22 15:16:46 ? dnsmasq-dhcp[27437]: DHCPREQUEST(br0)
    Nov 22 15:16:46 ? dnsmasq-dhcp[27437]: DHCPACK(br0)
    Nov 22 15:18:53 ? dnsmasq-dhcp[27437]: DHCPINFORM(br0)
    Nov 22 15:18:53 ? dnsmasq-dhcp[27437]: DHCPACK(br0) 00:
    Nov 22 15:19:55 ? dnsmasq-dhcp[27437]: DHCPINFORM(br0)
    Nov 22 15:19:55 ? dnsmasq-dhcp[27437]: DHCPACK(br0)

    My equipment:
    Microsoft MN-700 (basically an Asus WL500g rebadged by Microsoft so it uses the old drivers build) with Tomato 1.28. In case it might make a difference, I'm running an ADSL connection (PPPoE).

    Thanks for the help.
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