Avenger please read! - Austria needs your help ;-)

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by dadaniel, Jan 15, 2005.

  1. dadaniel

    dadaniel Network Guru Member

    In Austria there's a broadband internet provider called INODE.

    The protocol is PPTP, but the IP is dynamic.

    Someone has created a patch: http://sourceforge.net/projects/wrt54gpatches/

    Now my questions:

    Does hyperWRT also support this type of connection or must i use the other firmware?
    Can you implement the changes from the other firmware? Sourcecode is available?
  2. dadaniel

    dadaniel Network Guru Member

  3. black_

    black_ Network Guru Member

    Write the Inode Support, to enable PPPoE Dail-In for your internet connection. It works great.

  4. dadaniel

    dadaniel Network Guru Member

    Do i have to pay for this? What are the advantages of it except I can use the router?
  5. AleXP

    AleXP Network Guru Member

    Some regions where Inode provides internet service are already PPPoE enabled (eg Vienna).

    Further infos at the xDsl.at - Board, http://adsl.at/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=26976

    The user dfx, an Inode technician, will be able to help you concerned activating fastpath, PPPoE...

    PPPoE doesn't really have big advantages over PPTP, but unfortunately PPTP is the more or less the "stepchild" of most manufacturers resulting in incomplete or slower implementation (sometimes bad for filesharing, what we all don't do anyways...)

    How To:

    Just enter the same values in the inputboxes as you would do for PPTP (blabla@xdsl, password, ...) and enjoy PPPoE.

    I'm currently using a hyperWRT54G, newest release and it works perfectly for me.
  6. black_

    black_ Network Guru Member

    The router is under lower load when using PPPoE.
    And it works great, im online about 3 weeks straight now, with PPTP i never was on this long.

    And you have nothing to pay, and all new inode modem are on PPPoE now.

  7. guckyh

    guckyh Guest

    i use PPPOE because PPTP does not work :-((
    but I'm disconnected every 30-60 minutes.

    I had this problem NOT using a SMC Barricade 2804 neithernPPTP nor PPPOE.

    Are their really better software engineers???
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