Avenger20,One Question about WDS of WRT54G/S

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by wrt54gs, Apr 7, 2005.

  1. wrt54gs

    wrt54gs Network Guru Member

    I read many threads about WDS.
    I puzzled:
    Is it true that WRT54G/S in WDS mode can only repeat from another WRT54G/S? and DWL-2000AP+ has the ability to repeat from any unsecured wireless AP/router ?
    if true then Why WRT54G can't repeat from any unsecured wireless AP/router ? It's beacuse of hardware or firmware ?
    if it's due to firmware , Do you think it's hard to do it ?

  2. neutralman

    neutralman Network Guru Member

    I think Linksys WDS and Dlink WDS are NOT comatible, because devices use different wlan chip
  3. wrt54gs

    wrt54gs Network Guru Member

    Thanks neutralman .
    But I don't thinks so as All wireless product must obey to Standard protocol of wireless.

    I am newbie so I wonder why WRT54G/S can't repeat from other brand in WDS mode.

    If it can how wonderful!
  4. amosjones

    amosjones Network Guru Member

    To answer your question, never tried it with differnet hardware.

    My personal opinion on it is, Why try if you don't have to.

    Every single device on my network is linksys, and everything works.
  5. t4thfavor

    t4thfavor Network Guru Member

    i have a wds setup using a hawking tech and a wrt54g

    it works great..

    i am not sure why anyone would want to use a dlink anything but whatever.

    linksys wds is prolly not compatible with dlink because nobody likes dlink, why should anyone want to associate with them?

    in all seriousness im sure there is a way to get it to work. but i would dump the dlink and start over.
  6. wrt54gs

    wrt54gs Network Guru Member

    Thanks all .I know all of you are linksys fans.

    But not all of other like you know how to select a Wireless Router.

    before they own WRT54G/S they maybe already have other brand wireless router ,such as D-link , Belkin , Compex , netgetar or SMC ...etc.
    So If they want to extend range with WRT54G/S ,what should they do?

    Throw them away and but one WRT54G/s more ? hehe ......

    It's a good way but not economical.

    In fact I have a Linksys BEFW11S4(802.11b) and want to extend range, Can WRT54G set WDS with BEFW11S4?
  7. wrt54gs

    wrt54gs Network Guru Member

    Hei t4thfavor,

    you are so lovely. I don't know why you so hate D-Link ?

    I also used D-Link product, the compatibility is not good.
    But Linksys is have some problem too , such as WUSB54G will hang up the system and WRT54G/S will disconnect when tranfer big file.

    Though I don't want to set WDS with D-Link but I still want to know how to setup. Maybe It can work with BEFW11S4.
    Could you tell me the way?

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