[b]Unable to Log into WAG54G throught IE6[/b]

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Team-Suzuki, Dec 15, 2004.

  1. Team-Suzuki

    Team-Suzuki Network Guru Member

    I have a WAG54G unit connected to my PC via wire and to a laptop via wireless.

    Everything runs fine, internet and the network but I'm unable to log onto the unit to make any changes. When I type the address into Internet Explorer it comes up with page can not be displayed or unable to find URL. :cry:

    However if I go into the CMD window and ping the unit it replys straight away!

    I'm running Windows XP home with SP2 on both machines.

    Has anyone got any suggestions?

  2. Wild_Weasel

    Wild_Weasel Network Guru Member

    Interesting problem, try adding the URL of the router into the trusted sites list of IE. Have you ever been able to access the configuration tool?
  3. komUnec8

    komUnec8 Network Guru Member

    I have this problem too, but by repeating my attempts to open the router admin page, I usually get in eventually. I get the Login screen okay, enter my password etc, then get the "Page cannot be displayed" message. So I then click the browser's "Reload" button, (sometimes repeatedly) and up she comes. Some of the other admin pages also give me grief, even once I'm logged in, particularly the "Administration" page.

    On occasions, I've had to resort to flushing my browser cache (hold down ctl key while pressing reload).

    I've reported the problem to Linksys when I struck this in an earlier version of firmware (I'm running 1.02.7 now, but still have the problem).
    Last time they told me to set my Ethernet interface to 10M, half duplex, but this didn't really help.

    One day maybe I'll get around to using an analyzer to see what is going on. ;-(
  4. Team-Suzuki

    Team-Suzuki Network Guru Member

    Wild_Weasel & komUnec8

    I have been able to access the configuration tool in the past & I will try the Trusted site suggestion.

    Strangly enough in the last few minutes without putting the URL in Trusted sites yet I have managed to get to the configuration page :!:

    Like komUnec8 I had to hit the refresh page a few times but then it behaved it's self.

    All good fun I suppose, as long as it works at the end of the day.

    Thanks to you both.
  5. Ian_m

    Ian_m Network Guru Member

    I think if you type NETSTAT at a CMD prompt when trying to log into your WAG54G you will see loads (well much more than one) connections open between IE and the WAG54G. Most of them just time out eventually, but what is going on, no idea.

    Also see this via the remote (ie ADSL) administration as well.
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