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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by bgonev, Jun 16, 2005.

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    After days and hours testing and trying to solve, I have still the same problem.

    I have 4 hotspots based on wrt54 and every hotspot is interconnected each other (linked) with wap54 aps (for each Hotspot (HS) I have one WRT-54 and two WAP-54). Each link have different ssid and different channel. Antennas for links are about 50cm from each other.
    The strange thing is that in every HOP i'm loosing the bandwidth. so for example, if I'm connected vith client PC on hotspot #2 and trying to copy files form client connected on HS#1, then everything is OK, bandwidth is about 850KB/s. Also if I try to copy from client connected via HS#3, the bandwidth is also 850KB/s. But if I try to copy in the same time from HS#1 and HS#3, the bandwidth is droping to 300KB/s. The same effect I get when I'm trying to copy directly on client connected on HS#1 from client connected to HS#2, the actual bandwidth is 300KB/s even if links between HS#1 and HS2 is 850KB/s and HS#2 and HS#3 is 850 KB/s. For each link I use Bridge configuration of APs and for every link I have dedicated 2 APs interconnected on each hotspot with wired lan. All devices I'm testing are 100Mb/s on the wired side.

    I assume that distance of directional antenas(for the links) on mount place are the main reason for speed droping.
    If someone have expirience in this, please help.
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