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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by cosmic, Feb 8, 2006.

  1. cosmic

    cosmic Network Guru Member

    I have put these questions before, but no response. Is it really only me who have these problems? This is really annoying, so please bear with me.

    1. Built-in backup utility of the NSLU2 is only doing partial back ups. This is true from a Windows 98SE machine as well as from a Windows XP machine. I try to make a full backup (20-40 GB), but only 30-40% of the files are backed up. Scenario is the same regardless if the NSLU disk is formatted as ext3 or FAT32.

    2. I have only two backup jobs defined in the web interface, but when trying to create more jobs I get the message "Too many jobs - cannot add more". 5 jobs should be possible, so why this? I did delete some old jobs a long time ago, and it seems that the NSLU2 hasn't forgot this information and still thinks there maximum amount of jobs.

    How should I clear this? Will the EraseAll.exe tool clear ALL configuration data and enable me to start afresh?
  2. birbjo

    birbjo Network Guru Member

    I have EXACTLY the same problem regarding "too many jobs" and I
    have tried to get some help from the support-department but with no luck......
    Since I'm only running partial backups i haven't noticed any problems with only parts beeing backup:ed.....You have the whole disk as "shared" then?

    The reason must be that we both are from sweden! Maybe the personnel at Linksys are all Talibans and mistakes us for Danes?


    Greetings from Björn
  3. d__l

    d__l Network Guru Member

    Are both of you using R63? I think that it might be a bug specific to this firmware version. I deleted one job of five after I flashed to R63 and now can't replace that job.
  4. cosmic

    cosmic Network Guru Member

    Yes, whole disk is shared (as "C")
    Yeah, the Nordic race is hunted throughout the universe right now ;-)
  5. Chicken

    Chicken Network Guru Member

    the whole drive C you said...

    since Windows (XP) is running from your C drive, many files should be locked by Windows itselfs and unreadable/unchangable by even the local users, the NSLU2 should be getting problems with the system files on the C-Drive....
  6. cosmic

    cosmic Network Guru Member

    I use R63, yes. It didn't help reflashing - both problems persists.
    Would it be a good idea to use the EraseAll.exe utility? Will it really clear ALL configuration settings? (I'm aware of warnings from some people against using it, but the warnings seem to be related only to the risk of a power failure during the process, and I'm using an UPS anyway, so it should be safe I suppose.)
  7. cosmic

    cosmic Network Guru Member

    Yes, but isn't that an issue you use a backup utility for? Of course it would be possible to backup my whole drive. That's what I have done a hundred times before with a software based backup program. The backup program should be able to handle all open files in an appropriate way - either ignore them, or backup them.
    The backup utility in the NSLU2 simply seems to be worthless, and I think the only choice is to use a software based backup program again.
  8. d__l

    d__l Network Guru Member

    I tried unsuccessfully to restore my NSLU2 to factory defaults with resets as per the warnings of the user manual. The purpose of this reset was to clean out the "too many back up job" limitation and be able to add more for the previously deleted ones.

    Reset button on R63 seems to be a two step procedure. The first push of the reset button only changed IP to the default and the second push cleaned the passwords from the ext3 drive.

    Some things that no amount of reset presses or length of reset press time would erase or change: any settings on the System page and the back up jobs.

    I've wondered if the back up jobs as well as the settings on the System page are stored in volatile memory that is powered by the battery. If so, then removing the battery would erase these settings. Then again the battery may just be powering the system clock.
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