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    I have got a lot from this forum, so I am going to give a little back. This might seem like a Doh! to some folks, but there's always going to be new guys coming through and missing little points, like me, so here it is:

    • I was having a real headache getting backup jobs to work. (Server<=>NSLU2 Disk, rather than NSLU2_Disk1 to NSLU2_Disk backups). 200GB Maxtor in Port 1. The NSLU2 never threw any errors. The log was clean, but backups were not occurring. Logs said started and ended (almost exactly 5 secs later, many many times).
    • I believed I had set up everything in the NSLU2 correctly. I have an EXT3 formatted drive, I can see both TheSlug/Admin 1 and TheSlug/Disk 1 (from Windows XP) and I can manually copy files from WinXP to the NSLU2 shares in Network Neighbourhood and view them from the NSLU2 Gui too. The WinXP volume is formatted as NTFS and is in the same workgroup as the NSLU2. I installed Ext2IFS before I started, but it does NOT recognize my NSLU2 disk (btw would I be right in saying it would only do so connected directly to WinXP via a USB port?)
    • The NSLU2 ( and the server (192.161.10) are on the same subnet, both connected to the Router (
    • I am using the Linksys-recomended forward slashes "/" for the shares in both directions. I even tried a forward slash "\" on the WinXP share. No Go.
    • One NSLU2 forum poster wrote "It turned out that I had to create a user "All" and enable all rights for this user. This is probably not very clever in a security view, but that is the preliminary solution anyway". I'm not sure if he meant a user in WinXP or in in the NSLU2
      setup. My WinXP Folders are shared.
    • Another "worked around the problem by using the IP address of the machine in the "Other Device Name:" box rather than the machine's name." This did not work for me.
    • So with all the above, I "believed" I had set up everything in the Backup menu correctly, and the log showed no error message, it just says started, then exactly 5 seconds later ended. However no files ever got copied, either way. Was I missing something fundamental...YES!
    • For the record I'm on v23R72. Eventually I found a NSLU2-General (Yahoo Group) message, which notes "This was just a bad behaviour of my Windows shares (it is still...), even if I have granted access for everyone, I still have to give the SLUG a username and password to access them and it works like a charm now :eek:)" Bingo, I set the login as my WinXP login and since I don't use a password (so it starts up Windows on a Power Failure, with TWeakXP), no password.

    So the trick, if you are not getting any transfers and also no error messages, is to make sure you supply a login and password for the Share you are trying to copy FROM.... :)

    Note!: (also from NSLU2-General) " ... the problem is that when a <backup> job is modified, the destination share password is getting corrupted. Although I haven't tested it, this probably happens to source share passwords as well. To work around the problem, re-enter any passwords when you modify your backup jobs (i.e. to change the scheduled backup time)." This post is from 2004, so I do not know if this is still the case.

    Hope this helps someone else!



    Typical Backup Log (All Manual Tests)

    08/25 11:53:49 Backup: Job 'test' ended.
    08/25 11:53:43 Backup: Job 'test' started.
    08/25 11:34:18 Backup: Job 'test' ended.
    08/25 11:34:13 Backup: Job 'test' started.
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