Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by dgrrr, Mar 20, 2005.

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    you'll most likely find you router is not supported in lower versions of this firmware. the firmware was more likely made BEFORE your router model version was made. why do you wish to downgrade?

    btw how are you upgrading the firmware, what way? you are extreacting the binary file from the zip file yes?
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    See my other post --

    see my other post for details:

    ALL the hardware in question was bought two days ago from staples, so whatever is the most recent stuff, is probably what we have.

    So, -- if I have a version of the wrt54gs router that does NOT allow its firmware to be downgraded to v2.07.1 -- AND the wre54g range expander won't work unless I downgrade -- then WTF? W, sir, TF!

    Yes I dowloaded the zip 3 times, and extracted 3 times, and reset-everything and tried downgrading 3 times, using the router config webpage. THEN I tried downloading, extracting, and downngrading to OTHER VERSIONS and they WORKED! So, EITHER the FILE IS DEFINITELY BAD -- the one I linked above -- OR this router will NOT allow downgrading to v2.07.1!

    But linksys tech support says this is DEFINITELY not true (that downgrade to v2.07.1 is both needed and possible)

    IMPORANT QUESTION FOR LINKSYS PEOPLE -- linksys "ANSWER ID 1507" says the version of firmware must be "AT LEAST" v2.07.1. THIS IS VERY BAD! If the version must be EXACTLY 2.07.1 - that is TOTALLY DIFFERENT FROM "AT LEAST"! PLeASE CHANGE THE WORDING!!!! even if it's only in some cases.

    I couldn't find a webpage that even mentioned the Exactly concept versus the At Least concept. "At Least" means downgrading is never needed. "At Least" implies backward compatibility!
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