Bad Signal From One Host Affects Entire LAN?? WRT54g v2.2 Latest Tomato...

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Relax Preppy, Oct 18, 2009.

  1. Relax Preppy

    Relax Preppy Addicted to LI Member

    weird things going on lately... cable modem -> wrt54g -> wireless laptops ~ 75ft away

    i run downloads almost 24/7 on one of the laptops and would get ~800KB/s speeds over the wireless. now all of the sudden were getting ~30KB/s speeds from the laptops in our room. the only thing that i can think changed is that i placed a floor standing tower speaker, and a 12" sub about a foot away from the router.

    BUT what i dont get is this:

    laptop1 ~75ft away, laptop2 right in front of router...

    if laptop1 is downloading at ONLY ~30KB/s (maxing out at this... not by choice) why am I getting 700ms ping times from laptop2 to the router when laptop2 is right in front of the router. now if i bring laptop1 into the living room with the router and laptop2 then my download speeds will max out at ~800KB/s and my ping times from laptop2 to the router will drop to 1ms.

    so two questions:

    1. is the sub/speakers affecting my signal or is my router dying?
    2. someone please explain how this wifi bandwidth is disappearing to when laptop1 attempts to use any of it from far away

    just to reiterate - laptop1 or 2 never had problems maxing out my downstream bandwidth from 75ft away before

  2. Relax Preppy

    Relax Preppy Addicted to LI Member

    also lastnight it totally stopped responding to pings... the dhcp server still worked but wired or wireless did not work. this happened shortly after i flashed from reg tomato to sgt peppers tomato. i would reboot the router and the lights wouldnt even flash, they just lit back up like it was never turned off. it would respond to about 10 pings at normal latency then slowly get higher latency and then just drop off. so i flashed back to reg linksys fw and back to original tomato.
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