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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by cyberbroadband, Nov 21, 2007.

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    We've been running our wireless isp off DSL lines and rv082 routers for a while - and recently we've got some problems we'd like to solve. I thought i'd run em by everyone here....first - our upload speed is 384k times 2 (since we're load balancing 2 DSL lines which are 3000 x 384). according to graphs i've made with mrtg upload is averaging about 88k per line....sustained (take that as file sharing), downloads from 1 meg to 1.5 meg. Occasionally we're seeing 2 meg on the downloads, but no more.

    When i was out in the field yesterday - i was seeing download speeds only around 250k. I could reboot everything and get 1600k for a few moments, but then i'd be back at around 250k.

    Delima 1: I'd lick to use bandwith controls to STRONGLY limit the sustained file sharing....but i'm not sure of the best way to do it. I don't know which protocols to filter by and what the best configuration for this bandwidth available would be.

    Delima 2: Each of my DSL lines has a block of 8 ip addresses - some of which i resell to the end user. Currently i'm having to run a cable from my DSL modem (zoom) into a managed switch (with storm control on) as well as into my rv082. My wireless backhaul is also plugged into this switch. It gets nasty on the other side where i have to break it all back out into another managed switch so my customers can see both my RV082 network (NATTED) and my public ip space. How would i go about setting up advanced routing in my rv082 to not have to do such an elaborate setup?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. cyberbroadband

    cyberbroadband LI Guru Member

    well for bandwidth control, thus far, i'm taking port 3900 thru 65535 (everything above RDP) and rate limiting to 10k or less on the upload. so far, amazing results for the rest of the network. i tried over and over to figure out how to do both UDP and TCP like the linksys already has for "all traffic" - no dice. i just made a seperate entry for udp and tcp. Any takers on a better way to do this or my advanced routing question? thanks. :)
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