Bandwidth/IP Traffic Tracking History Retention - AdvancedTomato

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Lo_Key, Aug 1, 2018.

  1. Lo_Key

    Lo_Key New Member Member

    I've been running AdvancedTomato 3.5-140 AIO-128K since May and have Bandwidth and IP Traffic monitoring turned on. I save all of my stats to a CIFS share with plenty of storage. Since I set it this way, I thought I'd be able to save all history.

    I just checked out both areas and found it only reports back the last 60 days under daily and weekly. Is this hard coded in the firmware or is there a way to override this to allow it to show all? Are there also limits on how many months can be reported?
  2. bjlockie

    bjlockie Network Guru Member

    I never noticed that.
    I have a years worth of months but only ~62 days of dailies.
    It looks to be hard coded to be 2 months.
    I wonder if it makes a backup every month (if yes, the file name should include the year-month) or if the data is rolled over.
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