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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by gallen1119, Nov 18, 2009.

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    I'm a TOTAL noob so feel free to bump this post, redirect me, or ignore it if it irritates you, but here goes...

    I have a fairly simple, but busy, home network with Comcast as my ISP. There is a Linksys (BEFCUM10) cable modem, Linksys router (BEFSR81), Apple Airport Extreme, 3 PC's (1 XP, 2 Win7), and 4 Macs (3 with OS 10.6, 1 dual 10.6 & Win7). Oh, and 4 iPhones.

    I want to simply track my total household bandwidth usage, I guess at the router, but "JFGI" (Just F-ing Google It) has left be overwhelmed, confused and bewildered. As of now, I don't really care to which machine the bandwidth is going. I just want to easily see the daily/weekly/monthly traffic. I haven't touched the router firmware...yet.

    Is new firmware the place to start, or is there a tool to track this without updating?
    Which firmware package?
    New router?
    How likely am I to cripple the whole network with a firmware upgrade?

    This place may explode without internet access!

    Thanks in advance,

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