Bandwidth vs. IP-Traffic monitor?

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Kcolyhs, May 14, 2012.

  1. Kcolyhs

    Kcolyhs LI Guru Member

    Which is more accurate in displaying Wan data transfer?

    My total monthly data "bandwidth" reads: 2 GB.

    My total monthly "ip-traffic" reads: 8 GB

    Huge difference!

    Which one is correct?
  2. Toastman

    Toastman Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    Bandwidth Data is for WAN

    IPTraffic monitors traffic per-IP for any connections passing through the router, not only WAN.
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  3. teaman

    teaman LI Guru Member

    @Toastman - thanks for your post/thoughts, sir! !

    @Kcolyhs - both measurements should be 'accurate' - that is, to a certain extent - each of those two 'subsystems' you mentioned were thought/designed (and to gather their data by/around) watching closely (and tracking the values of) a few specially 'relevant' registers/tables/counters on their own.

    So, what's the catch? Different perspectives!

    Simply put, about the web UI: those pages under the 'classic' Bandwidth menu are mostly about tracking network/traffic/what's being going on/between the 'inside' and the 'outside' world (aka: volume of data/packets/bytes/information flowing between your local network and the outside world via the WAN interface), whereas IPTraffic monitoring is mostly about being able to monitor and track any/IPv4 network traffic being forwarded through the router - regardless of the 'origin' or 'destination' of any particular packet/communication/transfer (in fact, if you have more than one LAN bridge set up on a VLAN-UI-enabled build, you'll notice that bytes/packets/anything that goes or gets sent (forwarded by the router) between any two machines sitting on different LAN bridges could actually be accounted 'twice' in some cases: once as it goes out/from one of your LAN bridges and again when that gets forwarded and gets in/into/to some other machine, reachable by a different interface/zone/local/bridge/network/whatever......

    The 'main idea' or 'common ground' between those two? One of them is (mostly) about tracking the volume of data going from/to machines on your LAN and the internet (think 'by interface') while the other goes one step further and can be configured to monitor/track the amount of packets and/or the exact amount of bytes being sent and/or received by a particular machine (down to their IPs, regardless of which interface/where such data originally came from and/or which area/zone/interface it was sent/delivered - it's about IPv4 addresses!)

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  4. Kcolyhs

    Kcolyhs LI Guru Member

    Toastman & teaman, thank you for clarifying the issue.
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