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Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by Sykra, Aug 28, 2004.

  1. Sykra

    Sykra Guest


    I'm searching for a firmware which allows bandwith management for each mac oder ip.


    The computer with IP should be able to download with max. 128kbit and upload with max. 64kbit if other pcs also need bandwith, if no other pc needs his desired bandwith the computer with should be able to down- and upload with the maximum available bandwith.

    Is there any firmware out there which allows this? Or is there any other possibility?

  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    i dont think there is a specific speed related to single ip bandwidth managment firmware out there. it is all priority based.

    linksys's own firmware also allows this.

    satori is like this:

    various pics of QoS in Alchemy are here:

    hyperwrt and linksys 2.04.4

    basically all work on priority based. the last one works like so. port 1 (wired) has high priority. the 2 mac addresses listed (wireless) have low priority. I can play an online game on the PC on port 1 and not be affected by anyone usingt the 2 wireless low priority PC's.

    hope this helps.
  3. ImprezaDude

    ImprezaDude Network Guru Member

    You need a good layer3 switch or a dedicated traffic shaper like Packeteer to do it ip based. Broadcom based switches like Allied Telesys or Extreme can do this otherwize you might want to look at Zyxel dimension 3024/4024 series...


  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    The latest Alchemy firmware provides L2 based QoS for the four hardware ports and IP (L3) based QoS on MAC addresses, IP netmasks, ports, or by protocol (i.e packet content protocol tracking).

    You don't need a dedicated box to do this if you are running Linux these days.
  5. ImprezaDude

    ImprezaDude Network Guru Member

    Great stuff..

    Is this a DiffServ tagging or real ingress/egress bandwith limiting?
    Real QoS let's you take a specifick application and let you allocate bandwith to it. DiffServ is only usefull when the interface is filled up and the switch needs to decide what packets should come out first...


  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    We use HTB qdisc for egress shaping and the IMQ device with RED qdisc's for ingress policing.

    We include the L7 packet regexp inspection and matching filters to track and sort services based on the protocol. This is in addition to supporting classification based on MAC, IP netmask, and ports.

    We use a custom kernel driver to add hardware based QoS for the 4 LAN ports (via the internal adm6996 chip and a custom driver). You can set max speed and select from one of four priorites for hardware based QoS on the internal 4-port L2 switch. The hardware QoS is separate from the Linux QoS and works together with it.

    Linksys 2.04.4 added about 1/4 of the QoS pieces we have and they only support outgoing QoS shaping based on MAC, netmask, or ports. Their hardware QoS deosn't quite work as yet apparently but I imagine they will get there eventually :).
  7. ImprezaDude

    ImprezaDude Network Guru Member


    Using Qdisc is really nice, gives some good features,
    Tell me, what's the throughput of the box when all QoS features are enabled and let's say you're shaping 10 users both ingress and egress?
    How well does it work on the wireless connections? I really could use some shaping here bcause of the limited data throughput here.

    I really think this is interesting bcause i'm a consultant and really could use some small and inexpensive boxes for a lot of customers needing these features.. Also if you could port your fw to the wrv54 box and then do some shaping in the tunnels i would say that it would fill a big gap for me.


  8. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Hardware QoS via the custom driver runs up to about 36 Mb/s max. The additional Linux based QoS throughput hasn't been tested. My guess is that the ceiling is probably about 20 Mb/s.
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