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Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by cragan, Jun 20, 2007.

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    I guess that this question didn’t make on the first try. I hope that this is the right forum. If not, please ignore. I want to route two public IP addresses to a dual NIC on a W2K3 server and one public IP address to another W2K3 server using the DMZ option in the RVS4000 (on this last port). The public addresses are in a sequence (e.g., x.y.z.101, x.y.z.102, x.y.z.103, x.y.z.104, and x.y.z.105).
    This configuration looks something like the attached pdf.
    This is a lousy diagram, but maybe understandable. Can this be done, i.e., can Host1's NIC ports appear to be receiving data directly from the internet with IP addresses x.y.z.102 and x.y.z.103 and the NIC on Host2 receiving packets with x.y.z.104 IP address? If so, how do I set it up? Do I need to setup static routes? Does this make sense? Any help would be great for a novice.

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  2. ifican

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    Unfortunately what you want to do will not work as you need to maintain seperate subnets on either side of the router. The 2 ways that come to mind to make this work are this:

    1- is there is any 3rd party firmware available or a way to assign multiple address to the wan interface of the rvs, you can then port forward what you want to the inside.

    2- use a switch between your isp and your machines, and either have a different router for each link or make sure you lock down your servers, but by connecting each to the switch and ip them as necessary you can create the connecitons you want. As a side not i think tomato and dd-wrt give you the ability to use multiple wan ip's, that or a cisco, juniper or such router will as well.
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