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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, May 31, 2004.

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    When will Linksys be providing an upgraded filmware for the BEFCMU10 v.2 modem. There has been numerous issues with people having problems with downloading issues. If they aren't going to be providing one then why hasn't there been any 3rd party filmware being provided by the geeks in their laboratory.
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  3. Toxic

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    Just out of curiousity has anyone questioned bitorrrent progtram could be doing this? i have read tons of people having problems with BT and cablemodems and routers. it sounds liek people are just killing their bandwitdh by allowing loads od connections whilst no bandwitdh is save for anything else.

    have you tried any type of QoS program to limit the maximum bandwidth for a program?

    netlimiter is a good one which can limit the maximum download/upload speed for a single program.

    I dont use BT but use DC++ which never crashes.
  4. jdepew

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    While, we neither condone nor condemn the use of P2P applications, we do have to warn you that typically these applications are used for trading copyrighted and pirated materials. In addition, even when you 'close' the application, they will stay open, often hidden in your Windows Tray robbing bandwidth while you're not using it. Further more, MANY of them include spyware, malware, and adware. These also can further degrade your experience.

    In short, be careful of what applications you install, especially in the P2P realm. P2P has some amazing possibilities, and unfortunately, is has been largely overshadowed by all the neg press (see items above).

    Regarding building firmware for the BEFCMU10 - the firmware for it is not a public release, therefore we can't really do anything about it but reports back the bugs and issues to Linksys and hope they fix them.
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    so what are we supposed to do if our ISP wont upgrade our modems? I dont use bit torrent but my firmware is from 2002.

    am I just SOL?

    Millennium Digital Media just sucks. They told me that if they did it for me they would have to do it for everyone.... well duh!
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    Just got off they phone with linksys. they said that firmware version befcmu10v2_17.bin does not exist and they dont support firmware. they only support drivers.

    I ask her how do the ISP's get the firmware then? she said they didnt, that they get the drivers. I think i was speaking to someone in a third world country who wanted me to ping my local loopback to make sure my modem was receiving packets.

    They said i needed to update my drivers.

    ummmm im not using drivers.

    i just have to LMAO. Talk about the run around.
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    I installed 3rd party drivers on my old Voodoo 5 5500 pci video card for several years because 3dfx sold out to Nvidia several years back and they didn't provide updated drivers anymore for my $300.00 video card. My point is my ISP increased its bandwidth to 3mb down from 1.5 three or four months ago. I'm guessing here :?: this was so people could get inceased download speeds, and for $43 a month I should get this type of capabililty. If my ISP can provide me with this type of bandwidth then why can't the hardware companies provide the filmware to keep my modem from choking. What am I missing here. ( Hmmmm ?, Ok, My car can go 160 mph but the speed limit says I can only go 65 mph, Is my ISP the internet police working in cahoots with Linksys and other modem/router companies. Yes I understand that the bandwidth is shared across the network but I'm paying for 3mb down here, Holy smokes I downloaded SP2 yesterday from Microsost at 322 kbs per... No disconnects there. This must be an issue of total amount of connections that the modem just can't handle.
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    yep u hit the nail on the head. thats why people use bandwidth management:) try drinking 10 pints of larger in one go without stopping.

    you can't yeah drinking each pint fast u could. downloading/uploading more than one at time will throttle you bandwidth to choking point.

    look at how many people complain at using bittorrent and says "hey i can't upload to 50 people at the same time"

    personally get a good cablemodem. then get a good router that will handle bandwitdh management (which keeps some bandwidth in reserve)

    wrt54g all the way!

    my 10cents worth
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    Good point toxic. I guess when I paid $100 for the Linksys BEFCMU10 v. 2 modem at BestBuy six months ago (I did get a $50.00 rebate that took 9 months to get) I was under the impression it was one of the best. It just sends manizzles up my spine thinking that there isn't any 3rd party filmware out there for these expensive routers. Come on, think about it. There are 3rd party drivers for video cards up the Ying out there, hell I can't even keep up with the drivers for my Nvidia over at Guru3d. Isn't there anybody we can go to that could put together an updated filmware package for us.
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    I still don't care about this bandwidth management business..I'm paying for a 1Megabit connection, that 1Megabit I'm bound to use for whatever reason I want, the ISP can't just decide that I can only use 1Kbit of it for P2P. They should equip themselves to be able to handle that speed or they shouldn't offer it at all.
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