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Discussion in 'Linksys Official Firmware' started by yojumbo1h, Mar 13, 2006.

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    I have seen this issue in multiple forums and I have never seen it resolved...

    I have a Linksys (Of course) BEFCMU10 V2 Router with firmware revision 1.0.6... I bought it about 3 years ago and it came with 1.0.4 firmware and everything was good... Midco (my ISP) updated it a year ago and ever since I have had issues with the modem dropping out with high traffic. I have been putting up with it too long and I found out that the firmware version is most likely the culprit. I contacted my ISP and asked them to push the new firmware to my modem. Their response was that they have no way of pushing linksys modem firmware and if I want it upgraded, I have to do it myself.

    Does anyone know for a fact where I can find the firmware? Possibly some directions? I am not looking for firmware that is hacked for uncapping or anything, just an update.

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    Firmware updates for Cisco/Linksys Cable Modem


    Only the Cable ISP can update the firmware for Cisco/Linksys cable modems. These versions are released by Cisco/Linksys to the ISP -- they are not available to the general public (or are downloadable).

    You need to quit talking to Customer Service and ask for the head of your ISP's engineering department.

    I had an issue with BEFCMU10 V2 Cable Modem and its "upgradable" support for DOCSIS 1.1 This product featre was advertised prominently on the Linksys box to be 'Upgradeable' to DOCSIS 1.1
    Linksys never developed that upgrade to DOCSIS 1.1 compliance (which means false advertising).

    Comcast desires to migrate its user to DOCSIS 1.1 and then to 2.0
    They had an arrangement/agreement with Cisco/Linksys to replace their verison 2.0 cable modems with the new Cisco version 3.0 models.
    This was posted on Comcast support web pages in 2004 and early 2005. I finally got Cisco/Linksys to exchange my cable modem under this reported agreement - last fall - after 3 telephone calls - an knowledgable techncial support individual in Malaysia - understood the problem !

    The BEFCMU10 V3 model works okay for me today - with an occasional drop - but that may be cable infrastructure.

    Comcast normally promotes the Motorola product, and when I had that earlier - the performance appears to be superior to the Cisco/Linksys product.

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