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    First start with original problem. Had wireless router Befw11s4 set up with three computers and a laptop. two or three times a day the laptop wireless would quit working so I had to unplug the router and plug back in and it would work. I figured it was becaus the router was trying to handle too much plus I would like to add a few more computers in my house (yes my wife says I have too many already.)

    I have acquired the BEFSR41 v2. The configuration that I would like to have is:

    Internet Cable modem BEFCMU10 --- BEFSR41 (with three computers hooked into) and harwired cable from uplink into BEFW11S4 to handle only wireless.

    Problem: The internet through the BEFSR41 to the three computers work. I cannot get the internet through the BEFW11s4 to work into my wireless laptop. I had it working for about a week and did not know how but that fact that it did work did not care or worry about it then one day it did not work.

    Thank you in advance for working with me on resolving my problem.
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