BEFSR41 Help - Can't Access Router Page

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Mason B, Jan 8, 2007.

  1. Mason B

    Mason B Guest

    I have a BEFSR41 Linksys Router and haven't had it for long.

    I tried to access the page today and was met by the box asking me for the username and password. The deal is, originally we set no username or password for the router, and everything I read tells me the default username and password is "admin".

    I typed these into the box, and it still claims it's the incorrect username and password.

    What do I do to access my router page if I can't even get past the username and password box?
  2. LPhoenix

    LPhoenix LI Guru Member

    Leave the username blank and the pw is 'admin'
  3. MilesAhead

    MilesAhead Guest

    similar problem

    Hmmmmmm I've had my befsr41 for a couple years now but I'm
    getting a weird problem. If I log in to change any settings using after I press the "Save Settings" button,
    I get a page telling me I'll be returned to the page after 5 seconds.
    Then the log on dialog pops up. If I click "Cancel" so I can close
    the browser.. the next time I try to log in, it won't accept my
    password. I have to hit the reset button and use 'admin'. Of
    course this is only good until I have to make another change
    on the Administration page. Endless loop. Anyone else getting
    this? :eek:
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