BEFSR41 In My Network?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by SteveY, Jan 28, 2008.

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    I currently have this network arrangement (attached) in my house. Since I set up QOS on the WRT54GL my HTPC is slow browsing the web, but a Laptop connected wirelessly to either of the wireless routers is fine on the web. Could I have something setup wrong on the BEFSR41 router (seeing as the HTPC is the only PC connected to it ATM) to make my web browsing go slow? This really only happens when i'm running uTorrent on the HTPC. I have also run uTorrent on my Laptop and I can surf fine at the same time on it? Does anyone have any suggestions on my setup?


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  2. acejavelin

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    I am not even sure were to start with this, there is so much going on here that either isn't straight-forward for the info you gave, or this is just overkill for a network with less than 10 hosts (according to your picture).

    1) QoS isn't going to do much good here, rule of thumb "If you don't have QoS everywhere, you don't have it anywhere." If you are referring to WMM/WME go ahead and let that one laptop fight for the contention window. Unless you are using VoIP or LOTS of multimedia to multiple wireless hosts, QoS isn't needed and just wasted processing power in your router.

    2)You have 3 routers in your network? why? I don't get it. Use your 54GL as the main router and DHCP server, get rid of the BEFSR41, its doing nothing but adding another hop and NAT point in the network, turn off the DHCP server in the 54G and move the cable from the WAN port to a LAN port and use the 54G as strictly an AP allowing your other router to control all internet access and NAT translation. Oh yeah, don't forget to change the default LAN IP address of the 54G to something different than the 54GL and outside of the DHCP range, like (if your 54GL is default at and turn off UPnP in the 54G since it won't have a WAN connection anyway.

    That is where I would start, at least with the info given...
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