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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by mad_catbus, Nov 4, 2007.

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    I recently put my older BEFSR41 back into service after lightning killed my WRT54G. Everything appears to work OK except that the BEF's incoming log never shows any activity. Zilch, zip, nothing, no sign of life whatever. Outgoing looks the way I would expect it to. There are certainly packets going both directions--all the usual internet apps and services works fine here.

    System: DSL modem (Westel Wirespeed, passthrough mode.) Westel connects to BEFSR41 (v4.2, firmware version 2.00.1, PPPoE connection, NAT enabled, DHCP turned off.) Router connects to three PCs on the internal home network, all with static IPs. Logging is turned on in the router, and set to transmit logs to the PC I use most ( Wallwatcher on that PC (and Linksys's own logviewer.exe) see the same thing the router's own internal log display shows: lots of outgoing entries all the time, no incoming entries ever. The only other option on the router's logging page, besides on/off, is to set it to broadcast the logs to any PC on the network, and I've tried that and it makes no difference.

    Should I expect to see stuff in the incoming log, in this arrangement? If so, what can I try to make entries show up? I have WD40, but for once I doubt that's the answer.

    Thanks very much!
  2. mad_catbus

    mad_catbus LI Guru Member

    Possible answer

    OK, possible answer to my question. I had (and soon will have again) all the router's internet-facing ports stealthed. So as a test I opened the door a crack and peeped out on on the sound and fury of the Naked Intarweb (i.e. I forwarded one port to my PC, where it was blocked by ZoneAlarm.) Oh boy do I have incoming attempts logged now. INCOMING! Opening up ports is like swimming with sharks and a nosebleed.

    So apparently the answer is that this particular router doesn't log incoming talkback that was requested first by some app on the home network side--i.e. your browser requests a web page, that's recorded in the outgoing log; the web server sends the page back, that's not recorded in the incoming log, because it's a reply to something initiated by you. All the incoming log mentions is initial connection attempts that were not caused by your doing anything first (except, obviously, poking a hole in your protection.)

    If my understanding of what I see here is wrong, any better-informed person please feel free to correct and instruct.
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