BEFSR41 poor ping

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by peted, Nov 27, 2004.

  1. peted

    peted Guest

    Hi all.
    We recently bought a BEFSR41 router.After installing it, all 3 pc`s
    could access the net no probs but my son then complained of poor
    Ping times on his PC when playing Call of Duty,Halflife 2 etc online.
    We were then told to disable "Block Anonymous Internet Requests"
    which we did and everything seemed OK for a day but today his Ping
    times are as bad as ever.Tried using DMZ but am unsure how to properly
    set this up so it is disabled just now(new to pc`s,new to networking and totally new to routers ! )Router has latest firmware (April 2004)If noone was playing games I doubt this prob would have been noticed as the router seems to fine in all other ways.Used Dan Elwells Speed Test and the speeds to Uk servers for example were in the hundreds.Any ideas/advice welcome.If I can`t get this sorted out will have to go back to ICS just to shut him up!!!
    ps--MSN keeps signing people out every 20mins or so as well which never happened before the router......?????
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