BEFSR41 V.2 firmware upgrade

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by racislo, Mar 29, 2007.

  1. racislo

    racislo LI Guru Member

    Should I disconnect the router from the cable modem while doing a router firmware upgrade?
  2. Dave Rochester

    Dave Rochester LI Guru Member

    I didn't and the firmware update went ahead fine.
    May be an issue of what firmware to update to, though.
    The following forum posts seem to indicate that beyond 1.44.2 is dangerous.
    Check these comments out:

    Originally Posted by Jonboy
    has anyone got the last firmware update handy Please for BEFSR41 v2
    not this one befsr41v2.1-v1.45.11_code
    if so can you email it to me please i would be most gratefull as this new firmware is dropin the connection at random version required is ( firmware 1.45.7, Jul 31 2003)

    I guess this is the one you want:-

    Worked fine for a while but recently kept having momentary disconnects (script hacking I understand).

    I'm back to the old faithfull:-

    1.46.2 doesn't like Macs - Version: 1.46.2, 12/5/2004 12:34PM PST
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    My older befsr41 also didn't like the new 1.46.2 firmware. Web browsing would stall on both my macs on all browsers, but would work fine on my PC. It appears to be some DNS issue that manifests only with http GETs.

    However, in my case, no amount of resetting, reflashing, and unplugging would fix the issue. I ended up reverting to 1.44.2 ( and all is well.

    So, it looks like a tale of woe for many. The only thing I've got to figure out now is where my ISP log-in information has gone!

    Good luck.
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