BEFSR41 v1.x/v2.0/BEFSR11/BEFSRU31 1.46.02 8/3/2004

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    Linksys- A division of Cisco Systems, Inc.

    Firmware Date : June 24, 2004
    Current Firmware : Version 1.46.02
    Product PartNo : BEFSR41 ver. 1 & ver. 2.x/BEFSR11/BEFSRU31

    Ver #. Date Description
    1.46.2 Aug 3, 2004 1. Modified the DHCP and PPPoE Internet Connection
    type for stability
    2. Modified code for better support for MSN 6.x
    3. Modified PPPoE logout that cannot send the lcp-termreq
    4. Fixed issue with some website access.

    1.46 June 24, 2004 1. Fixed DHCP renewal.

    1.45.11 Jun 4, 2004 1. Fixed CGI string attacks issue
    2. Fixed UPnP on Windows XP SP2 issue
    3. Fixed One way audio issue
    4. Fixed NAT-T issue for some VPN connection
    5. Fixed DHCP server revision, fill the siaddr to the server address
    6. Fixed DHCP (BOOTP) vulnerability issue
    7. Added Filter IDENT(port 113) to appear stealth when scanned
    8. Added DHCP option 55 support
    9. Fixed buffer leakage bug
    10. Modified TCP Support RFC 3360 standard
    11. Modified PPPoE/L2TP/PPTP fragmentation supports fragmenting
    1 packet into more than 3.
    12. Modified MTU/MRU function for better handling

    1.45.7 Jul 31,2003 1.Supports multi-L2TP-pass-through
    2.Supports DHCP relay agent
    3.Fixed fragmented packets arriving out of order

    1.45.6 Jun 24, 2003 1. Fixed the Enable option in the port forwarding option
    2. Added PPPOE service name for PPPOE connection type
    3. Modify host name field length from 31 to 39
    4. FixED PPPoE mode change that would not restore MTU settings
    5. Fixed web upgrade issue using iMAC (netscape/Internet Explore).
    6. Fixed MSN messenger with Windows Messenger file transfer.
    7. Fixed mulitple IPsec VPN pass-through connection
    8. Added Xbox support(not certified by Microsoft).
    9. Fixed mulitple PPTP VPN pass-through connection.

    1.44.2 Dec 13, 02 1. Fixed UPnP functions

    1.44 Nov 22, 02 1. Fixed CGI script detecting ".xml" and would
    bypass authentication.

    1.43.3 Nov 15,02 1. Fixed problem with slow email retrival.
    2. Fixed Multicast rebooting router.
    3. Fixed when UPnP still working when disabled.
    4. Fixed traceroute not working on the LAN side.
    5. Fixed the issue of PPTP not being able to connect to the
    server when more than one DNS setting is entered.
    6. Fixed PPPoE DNS information overwrite the user defined DNS.
    7. Updated Static Routing Function.
    8. Updated Dynamic Routing function.
    9. Fixed UPnP whiteboard function.
    10. Added Security by requiring password change for
    Remote Management.
    11. Added user defined port number for Remote Management.
    12. Fixed Lynx connection to the router without
    Proper Authentication.
    13. Fixed reboot problem with Long Passwords.
    14. Removed ZoneAlarm and PC-cillin.

    1.43 Sep 4,02 1. Added AOL Parental controls support
    2. Added feature to disable Advanced functions,
    (except MAC Cloning) when AOL Parental Controls is enabled.
    3. Changed DNS Relay functionality.
    4. Updated assignment of DNS IP address to the PC.
    5. Changed UPnP link speed displayed in XP from 3.2M bps
    to 10M bps.
    6. Removed SPI option in the Filter tab for stability.
    7. Changed Keyword UPnP request to no longer be case sensitive.
    8. Changed default setting for UPnP to Disable
    9. Added 15 free UPnP Forwarding entries (Not shown in
    web user interface) for additional services used.
    10. Added UPnP addPortMapping support.
    11. Changed UPnP overall function for stability.
    12. Changed FTP client connection for stability.
    13. Changed Multicast Pass through function.

    1.42.7 Apr 2,02 1. Removed ICMP(ping) to check for DHCP server and Keep Alive.

    1.42.6 Mar 11,02 1. Support MSN Messager 4.5:
    A. Make a phone call,
    B. The lengths of router's WAN and Lan IPs are different
    2. Fixed tracert under NAT mode problem
    3. Fixed UPnP getExternIPAddress action problem
    4. Fixed the problem where the DHCP Discovery request is sent when
    the lease time expires.
    5. Fixed DHCP not senting a request when lease time expires.

    1.42.3 Jan 25,02 1. Router can support PCs with small MTU settings
    to configure the router.
    2. Supports Applying settings without rebooting (Password, DHCP,
    MAC Filter, Forwarding, DMZ, MAC Addr.Clone)
    3. Added DNS and WINS setting in DHCP User Interface
    4. Support for UPnP forwarding loopback
    5. Support for multi-IPSec pass-through
    6. Fixed Nortel VPN pass-thru
    7. Forced MTU enabled and size = 1492,when PPPoE is enabled
    8. Added DHCP Lease time for LAN connections

    1.41 Dec 19,01 1. Added UPnP Support
    2. Added PPTP client for European users.
    3. Updated Web upgrade utility
    4. New WAN connection setting Interface in the SETUP page.
    5. Supports MSN messanger 4.5 (voice and file transfer
    without DMZ setting)

    1.40.2 Oct 24,01 1. Fixed DHCP server probem that assign one IP address to 2 PCs
    2. Fixed traceroute problem under router mode(traceroute can not
    find out the Linksys router)
    3. Fixed ip filter problem when start ip is bigger then end ip
    4. Fixed Log radio disappear when click Cancel button on Log UI page
    5. Fixed some time user can see the UI page without password problem
    6. Fixed PCC prompts "This version needds the special router" when installation
    7. Change the aging time of AOL application (#5190) connection to 90 minutes.
    8. Modify UI pages to fix the banner problem in Netscape 4.7, 6.0

    1.40.1 Sept 10,01 1. Support Zone Alarm Pro firewall and PC-cillin anti-virus software

    1.39 June 5, 01 1. Support Fragmented packet pass through
    2. Speed up throughput rate
    3. Support MSN Messenger
    4. Support VPN IKE

    1.38.5 Apr 12, 01 1. Modify PPPoE and RAS action include Setup and Status help UI
    (Keep Alive will always try to keep the line alive)
    2. Add SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection) function in Filter page
    3. Deny WAN side DNS relay request
    4. Fix DNS relay access trap (port 1200, 1400) problem
    5. When using PPPoE login, doesn't WAN Gatewayand Subnet Mask in Status page
    6. Add MTU(maximum transmission unit) function in "Filter" page
    7. Modified Korea DHCP problem: if router does not has host name, send WAN
    MAC as hostname to get ip
    8. Add "Port Triggering" function in Forwarding page
    9. Fix DNS relay under PPPoE problem
    10. Fix DNS relay under DMZ setting problem
    11. support multi-LAN-host using same port to connect to same server
    12. Fix Forwarding LAN PPTP server problem
    13. Fix DNS relay under PPPoE dial on demand disconnected problem
    14. Change Forwarding LAN server IP range from 0~254 to 0~255
    15. Add PPPoE and RAS keep alive redial period setting field in "Setup" page
    16. Support space on Web UI input page
    17. Support long dhcp lease time in WAN interface
    18. Speed up throughput rate
    19. Add "multicast pass through" option in Filter UI page
    20. Modified Max MTU setting value of PPPoE from 1446 to 1492.
    21. Speed up throughput under PPPoE.
    22. Support 3com adsl modem.

    1.37 Jan 3, 01 1. Modified the access log message to import to Excel
    2. Add the RAS function
    3. Move Log page to first banner.
    4. Add a “MAC Address Clone†page
    5. Fixed NEWS server connection problem
    6. Add a Note message in “Setup†page for PPPoE and RAS
    7. Modified the HTTP module
    8. Modified LCP_request time to avoid the timeout issue.
    Timeout increased to 15 seconds.
    9. RAS Plan: When choose 256k, it will show 256k even refresh.
    10. RAS help is in the setup help.
    11. More detail is in the RAS help.
    12. Fixed Forwarding protocol problem.
    13. Fixed lost connection of SSH problem.
    14. Support multicast traffic - FTP downloads
    15. Fixed system lock up when filter is setted
    16. Fixed press "Continue" can't go back to pre-setting page problem
    17. Keep the DHCP Table when system reboots.
    18. Change the size of incoming log table from 200 to 70.
    19. Fixed Broadcast ping problem (response src IP is wrong)
    20. Fixed Broadcast trap IP problem.
    21. Fixed WIN CE DHCP problem (UDP checksum error)
    22. Adjusted TFTP upgrade password length.
    23. Add protocol selection in Forwarding page
    24. Add protocol selection in Filter page
    25. Add MAC Filter in Filter page(50 entries)
    26. Resolved RAS Problem when DMZ is enabled.
    27. Resolved Remote Management problem
    28. Resolved Failed UI Link problem.

    1.36 Oct 5, 00 1. Firmware now supports BEFSRU31
    2. Address other VPN issues.
    3. Updated Help files
    4. Deals with Canada connections Sympatico.

    v1.35 Sept 8,00 1. Fixes issues with Danmark
    2. Modified the PPPoe function

    v1.34 Aug 17,00 1. Changed Router name to Host name.
    2. New option of incoming and outgoing logs
    3. New option of Keep Alive Connection

    v1.33 July 18,00 1. Fixes the DHCP Problem.

    v1.32 July 14,00 1. Change the setting of filter and forwarding from single entry to range
    2. Solve the ping problem from WAN to a LAN host.
    3. Add help contents about IPSec / PPTP pass-thru, remote mangement, and range setting
    4. Do some modification for the IPSec+PPPoE problem.
    5. Add access log in the STATUS page
    6. Add Leased time display in the STATUS page
    7. Add user-defined WAN MAC address setting in the SETUP page
    8. Add Remote management feature ( Currently, the TCP port is fixed as 80)
    9. Add Remote management / IPSec pass-thru / PPTP pass-thru disable/enable
    in the FILTER page
    10. Fixed the internal loopback bug under PPPoE or DHCP environment.

    V1.30 June 9,00 1. Resolved issues going to some websites ie.
    2. Resolved the FTP Data Corruption
    3. IPSec-Passthru
    4. Extended the username and password for PPPoE up to 63 character.
    5. Resolved the data corruption problem

    V1.23 Apr 28,00 1. Change the 'Block WAN request' default setting as ENABLE.
    Fixed the web browsing problem like
    <> with PPPoE connection.
    2. Refine the User Interface in both setup and forwarding page.
    3. Fixed DMZ loopback problem
    4. Modified packet handling
    5. Fixed issue using VPN Server behind the router

    V1.22 March 31,00 1. Add the description about PPPoE and "Block WAN request"in the help.
    2. Solved the IP address 255 problem
    3. Add the "Connect on Demand" feature for PPPoE
    4. Support internal loopback feature for accessing the internal servers
    via the WAN IP address.
    5. Inhibit the ability to upgrade firmware from WAN port.
    6. Build in a Java-based TFTP upgrade utility. User can find this on the
    help page.
    7. Support multi-player to play HalfLife.
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    DNS issue?

    Been running with 1.44.2 on sympatico ISP - for years!
    Thumb Up
    - using BEFSR41 - no problems - since 1.44.2.
    Thumbs Up

    Lately, I have had some problems
    Crying or Very sad :-

    BEFSR41 PPPoE connects - no problem.
    (incorrext!) DNS ip addresses appear to be "stuck' in the BEFSR41.

    Browsers on the LAN side cannot get past DNS lookup;
    pinging DNS addresses on status page - 'no reply';

    After arguing with sympatico "tech support" supervisors I got them to admit that DNS addresses DO change from time to time.

    There is no provision to manually set the DNS address(es) in the BEFSR41.
    Thumb Down

    If I manually set 'correct' DNS address in LAN side PC network settings I can get through to web but the WRONG DNS addresses are still 'stuck' in the BEFSR41 - with no way to corect them!??

    I believe in the philosophy of "If it ain't broke - don't fix it".

    Is there a later firmware with a fix for this 'stuck' DNS (with no manual override) issue?

  3. SPotsBot

    SPotsBot Network Guru Member

    Apologies - I put this in the wrong forum (newbie forum member)

    I'll epost it in the BEFSRxx forum

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