BEFSR41 v2.0 new latest firmware bad??!

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by audiotracker, May 25, 2007.

  1. audiotracker

    audiotracker LI Guru Member

    ok, like many/some of you, my router went down this week-end for whatever reason and I couldn't get it back online. Finally did a hard reset and it was back for 4-5hours then went down again with the **bleep** red light of death lit up. This time I did a hard reset again and DOWNGRADED the firmware to version 1.44.2 instead of the latest version and ,SO FAR, everything seems to be fine. I'm going to max out all 4 computers online to see if I can knock the router offline....and then let it all sit overnight to see if anything's changed. I'll report back in the morning.
  2. mstombs

    mstombs Network Guru Member

    Umm, 6 year old router, but you blame 3 year old firmware

    1.46.2 Aug 3, 2004

    and go back to 5 year old version

    1.44.2 Dec 13, 02

    Time to get new hardware methinks!
  3. audiotracker

    audiotracker LI Guru Member

    When I'm reading around the internet of different people going through the same type of problem with the same type of router, I ALWAYS assume software first. But you're right, the older firmware didn't change anything, it died again....time for new one methinks as well
  4. mstombs

    mstombs Network Guru Member

    Might be worth trying another external PSU? otherwise treat yourself to a WRT54GL, it will fit in the same spot as your BEFSR41, has wireless as well as the 4 wired ports, a 100Mbps WAN port (the old V2 only has 10Mbps half duplex good for only 5Mbps) and a host of compatible 3rd party firmware.

    Avoid the newest v4 BEFSR41 they are the ones dropping connections all over the net at the moment!
  5. danielhaden

    danielhaden Network Guru Member

    Dual Core wireless router. . . :)

    Well, recently, I got a new BEFSR41 on sale at the Radio Shack at night, because my Zyxel router blew. It has v2.00.4 firmware.


    Its 8% faster than the Zyxel, which was already faster than the WRT54GL (on everything).

    The power pack of BEFSR41 is too wimpy to possibly support all 5 ports stuffed full. Max capacity on that power pack appears to be a total of three cables (aka, your DSL modem and 2 computers).

    It also seems important to use heavy duty cable (outdoor grade) for longer runs of cable.

    This is fine for my use.
    I was able to "lobotomize" the Zyxel X550 into a [superbly fast] wired and wireless switch (lobotomized the router part, which also made it go faster), so the Zyxel uses one of the data ports (Note: 3rd party Linksys WRT54GL firmware has a Wan disable option).
    And the backbone line (outdoor grade CAT6) to the guest house uses the other port.
    This hits the 3 cable max on the new BEFSR41's weak little power pack.

    Of course UPNP and logging are shut off. The web and FTP server work well with the port forwarding options in the gamer section.
    This router would appreciate a monthly restart, but that is not a requirement (rather it is a guess).

    This system illustrated avoids internet slowdown by a wireless router's cpu being jammed up handling AES wireless encryption. Instead of that slow mess, the router has no wireless, and the wireless has no router. Let's call it "dual core" because there are 2 discrete units running simultaneously instead of loading down just one unit. :)
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