befsr41 v2 connection drops.

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Kack, Feb 10, 2005.

  1. Kack

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    Ok, for starters, I've had this router for probably 2-3 years without problems, until the past week or so. It seems that I randomly get disconnected. Everything hangs up for a few seconds, and then returns to normal. It's not limited to one computer either, all devices connected to the router go down. If i'm playing a game, I get disconnected. It happens usually about every hour, sometimes sooner, sometimes later. After doing research, I have found that this is a common problem, and found many fixes, but alas none have worked.

    I've tried upgrading/downgrading the firmware. I'm currently using version 1.44.2, which, to my understanding, is the most stable one at the moment.

    I've opened up the case, everything on the board looks ok.

    I've tried new cables, triple checked all my connections, everything looks gravy.

    Usually the downtime lasts only a couple of seconds, so i don't really get to try anything diagnostic, but just recently i actually got about 30 seconds or so. I succesfully pinged my router's LAN IP, and tried to ping the DNS, but nothing. I attempted to ping the routers WAN IP, but could not get a response. This is what makes me believe that the router is what is causing the problem.

    I'm sure I've tried a few other things, but I can't really remember anything obvious. I'm considering going out right now and buying another router, seeing if it works, and if i still have the problem returning it, but does anyone else have any ideas?

    Edit: Also, if I do get another router, I'd like it to be the same one. But I've read many many bad things about the BEFSR41 v3. Can anyone confirm these problems? Has firmware been updated to fix?
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