BEFSR41 v3 Lost Config

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by cabes, Jun 1, 2004.

  1. cabes

    cabes Guest

    Has anyone had a problem with the BEFSR41 v3 losing its config? This weekend I tried getting on the net and found that my router totally lost its config... I had changed the default password, IP address, etc. I finally figured out that the unit totally lost its config and reverted to factory defaults. I'm using the latest firmware (1.05.00). Thanks, Jason
  2. emilio

    emilio Network Guru Member

    I have no problems with that firmware...
  3. Driftwood316

    Driftwood316 Guest

    Funny, the same thing just happened to me today. I've been using the BEFSR41 v3 for about 8 months and this is the first time it's happened. I regularly lose my PPPoE connection to my ISP and sometimes power cycling the router is the only way to get reconnected, but it's never lost it's settings before. Luckily I had all the settings backed up. Please post if this is a recurring problem. I might just have to get a replacement.
  4. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    do you have any surge protector on your router? possibly a power spike reset router.
  5. Tintamar

    Tintamar Network Guru Member

    Today I just started getting problems with my BEFSR41 V3
    Ive had it around 6 months now with no problems at all. Today we had a quick power outage and now my router is messed up like many of these other posts Ive read here and other places.

    My router keeps dissocnnecting my internet and only way to temporarly fix it is to unplug router and plug back in or click save settings on router page. This is becoming quite an annoyance since I run a server for 40+ people that keep getting disconnected over and over.

    Ive read over 100 posts on this router and other routers giving this problem and havent found a post that gives a firm solution to it. Is there a fix for this?

    I have replaced the power supply on it with an extra I had laying around for another router same brand and specs and didnt work.

    Is there anyone that has a fix for this?

    Seems Ive had nothing but problems with every linksys product Ive owned
  6. Tintamar

    Tintamar Network Guru Member

    Status page says im using Firmware Version 1.04.17
    Default sinc I bought it
  7. Tintamar

    Tintamar Network Guru Member

    I updated the firmware to 1.05 and was still doing it, constant connection lost then power in my house blinked out again 2 times and I think the shock popped it back in place. been on 2 hours now without a connection lost. lol
  8. almond_23

    almond_23 Network Guru Member

    Check if you are experiencing the same problems even with a static ip address.

    If problems occured during power outage, check the power light. Sometimes, router works but if the blinking power lights is blinking, this may present a problem. For unstable connections, do a hard reset. Hold the reset button for about 30 seconds, then while pressing and holding it, unplug/re-plug the power chord of the router while still pressing the reset button for about 10 seconds more then check the lights again.

    If you still have the unstable connections or if you still have the blinking power light, try to get a beta firmware or a firmware upgrade sent to you by calling up linksys tech support. Doing a firmware upgrade is a sensitve process so might wana check out first the current verison of your firmware before jumping to the latest one from the linksys website.

    Also, always do a hard reset every firmware changes. :)
  9. Xenomorph

    Xenomorph Network Guru Member

    my BEFSR41 v3 is a piece of junk

    disconnects, slow web interface, etc.

    i have it back in its box sitting in a corner now. i've never used such a piece of junk before.
  10. postman07

    postman07 Network Guru Member

    Xenomorph, were you the Xenomorph i used to know in Atmoic Scripting on IRC?
  11. Xenomorph

    Xenomorph Network Guru Member

    no... im just another one of a million people who go by "Xenomorph"
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