BEFSR41 v4 1.04.05 problems.

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by AndrewZ, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. AndrewZ

    AndrewZ Guest

    I would like to get ahold of the older firmware. Possibly 1.04.00 because I'm having nothing but problems with connections problems with this stupid router. I hate it. I wish my v1 never got hit by lightning and I wouldnt have this problem.
  2. wkaml

    wkaml Network Guru Member

    Ironically the older routers are more stable. I fully agree with you. I just got the same BEFSR41 router that you have and put the BEFSR11 on order that I used for the past 5 years without ever having any problem. Since I got the BEFSR11 last night, I am a happy camper again.
    I recommend you do the same thing and put a Linksys 8 or 16-port switch behind it. The neat thing about the BEFSR11 is that it only has one port, so you can configure everything in a very stable fashion and then use the switch for some intelligent internal networking. If you got newer computers, you might even go with the EG005W 5-port Gigabit switch and run a Gigabit network on the inside. That's what I am doing now.

    Have you tried yet to find an older firmware for you BEFSR41? If not, try that and let me know. I got various different versions downloaded and may be able to help if your first choice is to try an older firmware.
  3. scottyrk

    scottyrk Guest

    I Have A Befsr11 And Don't Really Understand How The Best Why To Hook It Up .i Am Going From It To A Netgear 5 Port Switch. Tell Me My Options And The Choice To Make For Me To Use 3 Home Pc's Within My Home For Our Own Personal Use.thankyou
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