BEFSR41 v4.2/v4.3 Firmware update 2.00.4 build 5, June 3 2008

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by killdashnine, Oct 24, 2008.

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    Seems like wonders are still happening today...

    Linksys officially released Firmware update 2.00.4 build 5, June 3 2008 for BEFSR41 v4.2/v4.3 on September, 29th 2008

    I've been running the beta build 4 of May 22 2008 without any problems or reconnection issues. So this final release should work stable as well.

    2.00.4 build 5

    1. Fixed an issue with PPTP mode configuration with the Setup wizard.
    2. Fixed UPnP test failed.
    3. Fixed RIP not updating the router table.
    4. Fixed Dynamic Route not working properly
    5. Fixed static Router configuration failure
    6. Fixed maximum static route.
    7. Fixed where client can't get IP after adding a static route.
    8. Fixed UPnP link speed/duration and send/receive packet status in the Internet Gateway.
    9. Fixed clne PC's MAC address is accessable remotely.
    10. Fixed QoS application based accepting invalid entry.
    11. Fixed IGMPv2 client leave silently after 100 seconds.
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