BEFSR41 v4 Logging problems

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by LinkLogger, Jul 12, 2005.

  1. LinkLogger

    LinkLogger Network Guru Member

    We have heard from a couple of clients now that their BEFSR41 v4 do not log inbound traffic (at least it doesn't appear in the logging stream that Link Logger uses). Anyone else seen this problem with their BEFSR41 v4?

  2. massfd

    massfd Network Guru Member


    It apears to be true. I just installed a Ver 4 yesterday and am runing Wall Watcher. The only inbound requests I am seeing are the ones that the router allows to pass due to port maps. The rejects no longer show up as they did on Ver 2 I replaced.

    The rejects also do not show up in the routers log screen. Anyone know how to get this function back?

    Firmware ver 1.04.02 feb 18 2005
  3. LinkLogger

    LinkLogger Network Guru Member

    Linksys needs to release a 'fixed' firmware version for this.

  4. massfd

    massfd Network Guru Member

    Found this workaround on the site

    Someone on that site reported it works, I will try it this week and report back if it works. The same site reports that LinkSys was contacted about this and gave the typical runaround
  5. massfd

    massfd Network Guru Member

    Attempted to set up DMZ to a non existant IP , it worked as far as the incoming attempts now being logged but I lost all internet access on the other computers.

    I then atempted to DMZ to a print server thinking that the address needed to be active but had the same results, incoming probes logged as being fowarded but loss of internet access to the rest of the network.

    I have used DMZ before (on a previous version of the router) and never had a problem, anyone know what is happening here?
  6. cicblue

    cicblue Guest

    I don't know if it was a fluke or what, but noticed that the MTU by default is off in the BEFSR41 V4 setup. I clicked it on and saved, and both the Linklogger program (excellent btw) on one pc and the Linksys logging program on the other starting recording incoming/outgoing logging. Rebooted both pcs and it was still working. Strange, the day after I entered router setup and noticed the MTU was off again, but the logging was still working. Glitch?
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