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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Leon97, Jul 22, 2005.

  1. Leon97

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    Hello. Has anyone tried the QoS of BEFSR41 v4? I plan on getting a router with a good QoS feature, and I heard that BEFSR41 v4 has one. Is it any good, & does it allow complete bandwith control for every user connected to the router? I'd like to limit the bandwidth of PC's using P2P on my network so there can be enough bandwidth for me to use. Thanks. :D
  2. Leon97

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    QoS in BEFSR41 v4

    I got a hold of a BEFSR41 v4. Here is a screen capture of the QoS menu.

  3. Leon97

    Leon97 Network Guru Member

    Ok, apparently the upstream bandwidth is controllable. I've put it to as low as 21Kbps, & it does control outgoing bandwidth well, though ALL users are affected with this.

    The incoming QoS bandwidth priorities, on the other hand, don't seem to work. I've put a 256Kbps limit on ports 2-4, but they still get full bandwidth. There might be something wrong with the Qos implementation. I'm hoping for a firmware update, but this seems far fetched...
  4. Leon97

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    QoS priorities work in the BEFSR41 v4 if upstream bandwidth control is set to manual and with a value of around 80-90% of your upload bandwidth (I read this instruction in some forum, I forgot where, & he used HyperWRT then. These same instructions worked for me). This only works if the priority machine is using a lot of bandwidth; most of the usable bandwidth (around 70-75% of the download bandwidth; I have 1Mbps, so this may vary if you have faster download speeds) will be redirected to the prioritized machine if it's downloading heavily while the rest will share what remaining bandwidth is left for them. If the prioritized machine is not using much bandwidth or is turned off, the other low priority machines get the full bandwidth.

    BTW, There is a new firmware for BEFSR41 v4, I just checked the Linksys site. Dated 7/22/05, version 1.04.05, for v4 only. I haven't checked it out yet, maybe this coming weekend I'll update my firmware.
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