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    I believe my BEFSR41 "died". These past few days, my broadband has been really messed up - nonexisitant in fact. Upon contacting Comcast (provider) they asked me to disconnect my router (BEFSR41) and low & behold - my internet connection works great when the router is disconnected. But when I reconnect my router - I get the same problems. Here's the really weird part......the lights on the router appear normal. But I obviously have something wrong with my router.

    How can I trouble shoot my router?

    Should I download and install updates?

    How do I install updated softwatre on this router?

    How can I know if I need to replace the router?

  2. td0804

    td0804 Network Guru Member

    a couple of things to consider...
    try to reset to factory defaults - disconnect all connections, hold the reset light 60 seconds...
    download the latest firmware - you don't mention the V of 41 that you have...
    when connected, run CMD and ipconfig...
    if connected properly, you should be able to ping other IPs on your LAN and IPs on the internet -
    ping IPs on the lan first -
    next ping your broadband connection/gateway
    next ping an external connection
    each result may lead you to concluding software vs. hardware issue.

    if you can't ping another PC on your lan from factory defaults, it's probably a hardware issue ...
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