BEFSR41v4 Forwarding issue

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by kraybone, Sep 3, 2006.

  1. kraybone

    kraybone LI Guru Member

    Have BEFSR41 v4 (just updated bin) and I need to forward 5198 and 5199 (UDP) to computer's IP
    Internet connection to SkyEdge modem (2 way satellite).

    On Applications & Gaming setup, the application's name is longer than the entry box for this field. - one letter too long!

    Application is Echolink.

    Would not have thought this would be an issue as many applications have longer names than will fit in this box.

    How critical is the application name here?

    Could this be what is stopping the application from having port data forwarded if router does not recognise application by name?

    Advice welcome please.
  2. icemann77

    icemann77 LI Guru Member

    actually the application name has no long as you have the correct ports forwarded.after upgrading the router did you hard reset the router? and try to port trigger it.
  3. kraybone

    kraybone LI Guru Member

    Thank you

    Thanks for the reply. I suspected that the application name was irrelevant as this would be an unnecessary restriction.

    Yes, I have done a reset since the upgrade - I power off each night and all computer equipment and satellite modem gets a cold start each day.

    What do you mean by trying to trigger the port? I presume you mean trying the application again.

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