BEFSR81 Firmware V2.45.5 vs. V2.50.2

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by NastiMann, Jun 23, 2005.

  1. NastiMann

    NastiMann Network Guru Member

    Is this firmware legit? The writeup is very brief: "This firmware was unavailable from linksys. the 2.50.2 is flawed, use this firmware instead."

    Does anybody know what is flawed in 2.50.2, and how 2.45.5 is better? There are no ratings of this firmware on the details page. If it was unavailable from Linksys, where did it come from?

    If anyone has had negative experience with this download I'd like to know before I flash my router into an expensive paperweight.
  2. dshade69

    dshade69 Guest

    I can tell you right now that after dealing with both it really depends on what you use the network for.

    When I had 2.50.2 I could play most online games but I would receive frequestly disconnects from UDP based games (like counter strike, etc).

    Downgrading to 2.45.5 fixed this issue but now I am having problems downloading from newsgroups, sometimes the files will stop transfering at 98%.

    Now i'm looking for an alternative firmware that will fix both these issues...or if that doesn't work a different router all together.
  3. NastiMann

    NastiMann Network Guru Member

    Thanks. I think I'll stay with the 2.50.2 that it shipped with for now.
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