BEFSR81 (Linksys 8 Port Router) to a WRT54GS

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by orb, Dec 26, 2004.

  1. orb

    orb Guest

    I have a wired network setup using the wired router. I have tried connecting the 54GS into the wired router but i still cant connect to the internet. I can wirelessly connect to the 54GS but cant see the rest of the network. I tired disabling the DHCP Server but that didnt help either.

    Im a complete n00b to this wireless stuff so any help would be great. What i think i want, is just to make the wireless router into just an Access Point but not sure how to go about that..or even ifts its possible.

  2. franzius

    franzius Network Guru Member

    Make sure that you assign an IP address to the 54GS that is different than the IP address of the wired router.

    My setup is the reverser of yours. My wired router is the phone router HPRO200 and it worked great for 3 years. Now i just brought a laptop and built a couple of Small Form Factor PCs for my kid so I decided to go wireless with them as well. So I plugged the 54GS into the cable modem and then plugged the HPRO200
    into one of its LAN port. The HPRO200 did not work at first, so I did exactly what I am telling you to do, I assigned to it and disabled its DHCP server and voila. It works quite well except that once in a while I have to to reset it (unplug, wait awhile and replug). Although the old PCs wired through the telephone line will get assigned valid IP addresses by the 54GS in the range, once in a while they would loose Internet access, until I reset the HPRO unit. I am still working on what is exactky causing them to loose connectivity.

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