BEFSR81 v1.x/v2.0 2.45.10 6/3/2004

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    Firmware Date : June 3, 2004
    Current Firmware : Version 2.45.10
    Product PartNo : BEFSR81 v2

    Note: This code will not work with version 3.

    Ver #. Date Description
    2.45.10 Jun 3,04 1. Added Multicast IGMP Proxy function
    2. Added Filter Internet NAT Redirection option
    to disable local LAN users from accessing port
    forwarded services in the router
    3. Added CGI string attacks prevention
    4. Fixed UPnP issue with Windows XP SP2
    5. Fixed BOOTP response to DHCP server
    6. Modified DHCP server to fill the siaddr to the
    server address.
    7. NAT-T issue. Linux will reply the long packet
    echo reply out of order.
    8. Modified MTU/MRU response.
    9. Modified Support PPPoE/L2TP/PPTP fragmentation
    10. Modified RFC 3360. TCP RST handling
    11. Fixed buffer leakage bug.
    12. Added the DHCP option 55 support.
    13. Added Filter IDENT(Port 113) to block that port
    from port scan.
    14. Fixed DHCP lease time being too large will cause the router
    to request IP every 1 min
    15. Fixed port forwarding disabled will still allow access through
    the WAN
    16. Fixed fast web upgrade displaying correctly in web browsers
    17. Modified PPTP max MTU size from 1400 to 1460 When enable
    PPTP or PPPoE WAN connection type that MTU won't be enable
    18. Fixed remote port number not working correctly
    19. Fixed multicast UDP fragment packets (Media server
    in WAN) from the WAN will cause the router to reboot
    20. Fixed Cisco response VPN pass-through (UDP+ESP)
    packets connection to disconnect
    21. Fixed DNS will not query if DMZ is enabled
    22. Added support system information page
    23. Modified MSN L2L for proper support for 4.7 and 5.0 connect.
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