BEFSR81 v3.0 2.50.2 5/15/2004

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    Linksys- A division of Cisco Systems, Inc.

    Firmware Date : May 19,2004
    Current Firmware : Version 2.50.2
    Product PartNo : BEFSR81 ver.3

    WARNING: This firmware only will upgrade with BEFSR81 ver.3. Older hardware version will not work.

    Ver #. Date Description
    2.50.2 May 19, 2004 1. Added Filter Ident(port 113) option
    2. Fixed abnormal port scan issue
    3. Fixed an issue saving changes under Linux OS.
    4. Change DDNS User-agent data format
    5. Removed Primary and secondary DNS entry.
    6. Added DNS 1, 2, and 3.
    7. Added WINS support.
    8. Fixed Mutliple PPTP passthrough issue.
    9. Fixed IPSec fragmented packet cannot pass from WAN to LAN.
    10. Added L2TP Internet Connection Type support for Europe.
    11. Added "Filter NAT Redirection" to prevent local client
    access local Internet servers.
    12. Fixed MRU not being properly passed to the MTU settings.
    13. Logviewer IP will save the settings after enabling log option.
    14. Modified some typos on the firmware.
    15. Moved the help part on the right side of the user interface.
    16. modified the Save settings and cancel changes button.
    17. Validates entry before applying changes.
    18. Fixed connect on demand not disconnecting properly after timeout.
    19. Fixed QoS option will not save the settings properly.
    20. Fixed MTU not working properly.
    21. Fixed RIP 1 & 2 not working properly

    2.45.5 Sep 15, 2003 First release
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