BEFSR81 v3 UPnP port forwarding problem

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by jonasolof, Dec 18, 2006.

  1. jonasolof

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    Fw has been upgraded to 2.51.1

    Router has static WAN address (radio LAN) and the connected devices also have static addresses.

    Router internal IP is
    Several devices with internal servers accessible with a browser over port 80 are connected, among them an Axis camera server. It's on (gateway set at Subnet mask is

    Since I need to specify which application is to be connected, I need to use UPnP forwarding, since neither Port range forwarding or Port triggering allows me to specify which IP adress is to be connected to. Thus, I can't use WAN IP:80 to reach the web server.

    I have set up this in UPnP forwarding:

    Application: Web cam

    External port 7980

    Internal port 80


    (Axisserver) Ip addres

    I have also enabled UPnP in the Administration page although it probably isn't concerned.

    Now http://WAN IP:7980 doesn't work. Internet explorer can't connect.

    I can connect to camera server from the outsdide if I put it in DMZ

    If we do port forwarding 7980 to 80 at another stage in the radio LAN, I can access the server but then the router is accessed over port 80 without the IP address being specified so I couldn't use the othe applications (house control server, more camera servers).

    I can connect to the router from the outside for remote administration so there isn't any problem connectingto it per se. Everything else works with the router.

    UPnP forwarding with external port #not identical to internal port # works fine in a BEFSR41 router which I use in an ADSL network.

    I contacted Linksys chat support, but they suggested that I should use Port range forwarding which doesn't allow me to specify the IP address concerned.

    Others have reported similar problems on Linksys' own user forum without any replies suggesting solutions. It appears to be a firmware problem.

    I could possibly use other brand routers, but this router has a 12 volt supply which allows me to use simpe UPS.

    Thanks for any input

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