BEFSX41 1.50.18 2004-04-30

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    Linksys- A Division of Cisco System, Inc.

    Firmware Date : April 30,2004
    Current Firmware : Version 1.50.18
    Product Part No. : BEFSX41

    Ver #. Date Description
    1.50.18 Apr 30, 04 1. Fixed PPTP connection problem
    2. Added Filter Ident(port 113) option
    3. Fixed abnormal port scanning results
    4. Fixed DMZ function
    5. Fixed vulnerability that would cause the router
    to reboot
    6. PPPoE PADI does not send the Service name

    1.50.9 Mar 17, 04 1. Fixed NetBIOS broadcast not working under IKE tunnel
    2. Fixed PPTP will not pass through WAN to LAN, if PPTP
    server is behind the router
    3. Added Firmware downgrade version check
    4. Fixed VPN can not establish between two sx41,
    1(fixed IP with remote security gateway set
    to DDNS) and 2(pppoe with remote security gateway
    set to any)
    5. Added SMTP function for log in e-mail alert
    6. Added new Internet type selection in L2TP
    7. Added Enable/Disable Internal NAT redirection
    to block internel LAN from accessing services
    behind the router
    8. Fixed multi-pptp passthrough support
    9. Revised echo timer to detect the Internet
    connection status
    10. Fixed IPsec fragmented packet can not
    pass from wan to lan
    11. Modified Viewlog to show proper title
    12. Fixed NTP time
    13. Fixed Specify a MAC Address behind the DMZ port
    14. Fixed Firewall showing incorrect log
    15. Fixed VPN tunnel will not disconnect automatically,
    when there is no traffic between two group
    16. Fixed TZO client not updating when IP changed
    17. Fixed When try to establish a VPN tunnel,
    the router may reboot
    18. Fixed When NTP time is the same as Restrict
    Access time, it fails
    19. Fixed Restrict Access Deny whether should
    let Website Blocking un-writable
    20. Added user defined NTP server
    21. Fixed MSN 6.1 to 6.1 will not work using
    netmeeting and voice
    22. Fixed PADT attack will reboot the router
    23. Fixed IPSec fragmentation will cause the
    router to reboot
    24. Fixed IPSec passthrough disabled option
    that allowed ESP packets to go through
    25. Modified the product name in the User interface
    26. Added security feature to prevent users entering
    invalid input in URL string instead of UI input
    27. Fixed MAC clone disable function
    28. Added Diagnostic screen to do ping test
    29. Modified to new web User interface style
    30. Fixed Filter Multicast option to stop
    broadcasting when "leave igmp" packet is sent
    31. Fixed restrict access will not allow or deny
    at a specific time or day
    32. Fixed Enter policy does not save with a name
    with two words, it truncates after the space
    33. Fixed Allow option for restrict user fails
    for any settings
    34. Fixed Block services does not block services
    35. Fixed Blocking key word or URL does not work
    36. Fixed problem changing MTU
    37. Fixed adding new “Blocked Servicesâ€
    38. Fixed DMZ specify by MAC behind DMZ port
    can’t be saved
    39. Fixed When LAN IP not default, Login User
    Interface by UPnP will fail
    40. Modified user interface to avoid errors entries
    41. Modified VPN Keylife time shouldn’t allow
    save the value less than 120
    42. Fixed fragmented packets not arriving to
    destination in correct sequence. Affected some
    IPsec connections
    43. Fixed When IPSec passthrough disable, client
    Nslookup domain will fail
    44. Fixed CGI issue where an out of range value
    could not be saved
    45. Fixed a vulnerability with DHCP server function
    46. Fixed VPN screen where "Manual†for key
    management hidesâ€View Log†button
    47. Fixed When MTU option set disable, default MTU
    and server MRU can not work properly
    48. Fixed Restrict Access always have 1 minute
    delay to valid selection
    49. Fixed When restrict time access set midnight
    12:00 can not work correctly
    50. Fixed When DMZ enable, PPTP, PPPoE passthrough
    will fail
    51. Fixed UPnP Forward setting by UPnP IGD, if delete
    all or modify about 8 entry will cause reboot

    1.45.3 Sep 26, 03 1. Fixed MSN Messenger not working with UPnP enabled
    2. Fixed PPTP passthrough not connecting in PPPoE connection type
    3. Fixed Web management through "My Network Place" when UPnP is enabled
    4. Fixed UPnP port forwarding through "Internet Gateway" when UPnP is enabled
    5. Fixed Default Gateway by checking valid IP address
    6. Fixed MacClone page for valid MAC address entry
    7. Fixed VPN page IKE phase1 and phase2 KeyLifeTime has no limited range
    8. Fixed Log assign to unknown pc cause device to cold restart
    9. Fixed IKE agressive mode
    10. Fixed Remote Management port range
    11. Fixed DHCP "Starting IP Address" & "Number of DHCP Users"
    will auto Apply
    12. Fixed internal loopback issue
    13. Fixed Qcheck UDP throughput not working under a VPN tunnel
    14. Fixed UPnP forwarding internal loopback issue
    15. Fixed Forwarding disabled, but still works
    16. Fixed DynDNS Status error when no WAN connection
    17. Fixed TZO Status error when disabled
    18. Added Multi-PPTP passthrough support
    19. Added New Filter UI style
    20. Modified NTP Server lookup
    21. Fixed Security hole when issuing Web command causes device to hang up

    1.44 Nov 22, 02 1. Added Security by requiring password change for
    Remote Management.
    2. Fixed CGI script locking the router
    3. Fixed reboot problem with Long Passwords.
    4. Fixed Lynx connection to the router without
    Proper Authentication.
    5. Fixed CGI script detecting ".xml" and would
    bypass authentication.
    6. Fix VPN tunnel disconnecting under FTP

    1.43.4 Oct 3, 02 1. Improved FTP throughput
    2. Updated Cookie blocking
    3. Updated NTP not updating under firewall time filter
    4. Update router mode of Dynamic Route under firewall_enable
    5. Fixed UPnP reboot problem
    6. Updated VPN PFS feature using Netscape 4.79
    7. Fixed DHCP range settings.
    8. Updated Log tab Apply script
    9. Improved DMZ port Throughput
    10. Fixed VPN reboot problem with some VPN router
    11. Updated Firewall report display when Log Disable
    12. Fixed VPN Advanced setting page can reset when clicking Apply
    13. Fixed ICMP port unreachable packet under firewall disable settings
    14. Updated PPP request limit and reject limit

    1.43.3 Sep 20, 02 1. Added DDNS services
    2. Fixed certain situations where the Router will reboot
    3. Updated VPN connection when DMZ is enabled
    4. Updated FTP client and server connection
    5. Updated PPTP connection when Firewall is enabled
    6. Updated SYN port function when scanned

    1.43 May 22, 02 Official Release
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