BEFSX41 and sx41_v1.45.7 firmware: any never

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by SupaDucta, Nov 26, 2005.

  1. SupaDucta

    SupaDucta Network Guru Member

    Hi guys,

    great forum you have here!

    I recently bought a BEFSX41 router shipped with the latest befsx41_v1.50.18 official firmware which produced problems with my ISP and PPPoE Connection Type. From what I was able to gather, instead of my ISP's ( DNS, it was somehow getting it's parent ISP's ( DNS IPs, and... well I could visit Google and a few (but literally a few) web pages, the rest were hanging and wouldn't open. I couldn't even read mails from our own webserver based in USA.

    So I quickly ran that setup CD and got that PPPoE connection on Windows setup, logged into router (this got it's internet connection setup to Static IP) but it was working and I could search for help.

    An old friend of mine logged into ICQ and he gave me the link to some sx41_v1.45.7 firmware that he also uses that was supposed to be stable and adequate for DSL users.

    I have downloaded it, upgraded (well downgraded if you look at it) the original firmware, logged into router, setup it's connection type to PPPoE, entered data and it instantly started working and has been working flawlessly ever since. Bash shell logins to other computers don't hang, FTP works, p2ps work... all seems really well.

    Later I found out that I could setup my modem to handle PPPoE authentication and router to have Dynamic IP connaction type, but I have just left it as it is for the time being with this older firmware.

    Now my question is - is there any newer firmware for my router that could work well also? This one seems really stable, but has that old ugly GUI and I actually don't know if I am missing some new features in it or if there are any security holes in it?
  2. PrinceThaine

    PrinceThaine Network Guru Member

    Personally I have been using the 1.52.5_beta4 since it was released. It has fixed some problems but others still remain. If everything is working now I really would not mess with it as upgrading to the newer firmware could very easily cause you more problems than it is worth.
  3. swapshop1

    swapshop1 Guest

    Im using 1.51.00 hb, is stable for me but i have to disable SPI to use messenger properly otherwise i get disconnected after a period of non use - think its TCP time out - a known problem. Also occured on 1.50.18

    1.52.6 beta 1 is availiable but best wait - could brick your router, esp with new QOS settings. before you ask its here
  4. SupaDucta

    SupaDucta Network Guru Member

    Hi guys,

    just upgraded to 1.52.9, Jan 11 2006 - so far so good, all works flawlessly, connection speed seems improved, QoS turned ON, all works well.
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