BEFSX41 Firewall vs. Streaming

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by larrymcg, Mar 5, 2006.

  1. larrymcg

    larrymcg Network Guru Member

    I recently replaced a BEFSR41 with a BEFSX41 and immediatley upgraded to the 1.59.2 firmware. Works fine EXCEPT that if the firewall is enabled I have serious problems with streaming via Rhapsody and any Quicktime content. The streams just stutter a lot.

    If I disable the X41 firewall the streaming problems go away!

    What's that all about?


    PS: My download speed is in the 6-7Mbps range with Comcast cable.
  2. larrymcg

    larrymcg Network Guru Member

    An additional comment: My download and upload speed seem unaffected by whether or not the firewall is enabled. My download speed is typically in the 6-7Mbps range (cable modem).
  3. larrymcg

    larrymcg Network Guru Member

    Well, I guess no one else has these problems with the firewall enabled or that there are no suggestions on how to get around the problems with the firewall enabled. Seems silly that I bought this router with a firewall, and it costs a lot more than the wireless version, and then I can't use the firewall. Oh well....... :(
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