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    I've been having intermittent problems with ADSL internet for some time.... it'll work fine for a month or two and then go south on me with either no or a very slow ( <700/bps) connexion for a few hours or days, then back to ( >120K/bps) again.

    Box 1 is
    Generic P-IV 2.4GHS on WIN98SE with VIA Rhine NIC (TONS of free space, up-to-date AVG and other programmes, swept daily.) Connected hardwire to router.

    Box 2 is
    Generic P-III /600HZ on WIN98SE with a RealTek NIC (lots of free space, up-to-date AVG and other programmes, swept daily.) Connected hardwire to router.

    Router is a Linksys BESFX41 4-port non-wireless and is "no longer supported" by Linksys. Firmware was an online update a week after I got the unit.

    Modem is a Westel Ethernet (Ethernet OR USB) supplied by Verizon when I got the service, connected via ethernet cable to router. (appx 5 years old)

    After a three hour marathon with a very nice but somewhat English-challenged lady from (wherever), it was determined that the router was keeping me from getting online, not the modem or Verizon's DSL connexion, which she showed as full speed from the Verizon local office to the modem location. When I asked her about configuring the ruter, she said that the configurations I showed should allow connexion but that she was sure it wasn't a Verizon problem.

    Seeing as I was (and am) still able to get on but at this vastly reduced speed, "I Hae's Me Doots" about that. Thursday there were spurts of full speed, followed by nothing, then minimal speed, than back to full (at one time I d/l an AVG update at ( >135K/bps), so I thought I'd ask here if anyone knows if it COULD be the router before I go plunking down more money in a bad cause. (As an example, I can get onto WWW.WINDOWSBBS.COM at very slow speeds, but I cannot load this forum due toe the RCN.AMAZON

    Router shows connected using PPPoE,
    Firmware: 1.44.11t, Apr 16 2003
    VPN is disabled
    MTU is manual and (1492)
    DDNS is disabled.

    Also ran winipcfg/all and got this:

    IP Configuration:
    Host: Powerspec
    DNS Servers
    Node type: Broadcast
    NetBIOS Scope Id (empty)
    IP Routing Enabled (empty)
    WINS Proxy Enabled (empty)
    NetBIOS Resolution Uses DNS (empty)
    Ethernet Adapter Information:
    PPP Adapter
    Adapter Address 44-45-53-54-00-00
    IP Address
    Subnet Mask
    Default Gateway (empty)
    DHCP Server
    Primary WINS Server (empty)
    Secondary WINS Server (empty)
    Lease Obtained (empty)
    Lease Expires (empty)

    It was always my understanding that a router either worked or did not work, with no middle ground. So either I'm wrong on that, Verizon is blowing smoke (again), or I just don't understand the problem, hence my appearance here.

    NOW, as of 1403EST I am back up at speed and connecting once again....

    What The (ahhh) Heck is goin' on?

    Just checked off the (2) computer via winipcfg and I'm STILL showing for IP address and subnet mask!

    Now I'm REALLY confused.

    If it's a firmware thingie, where do I go to d/l the latest?

    Still online but I had to restart box (2) and now I've lost the network thru file explorer.

    I think I'm moving to Antarctica.

    Penguins don't network, do they?
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