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    I work for a company with a bunch of small remote offices. Each of those uses a BEFVP41 to create a VPN tunnel to our HQ. I'd like to use DDNS to keep track of their changing IPs, but I'm not too thrilled about using either one of the two built-in options in the official firmware ( and peanuthull).

    I'd actually like to set up my own DDNS server in the DMZ of our HQ, set it up so that it's responsible for a subdomain containing all remote offices (something like and have those BEFVP41 refresh their IP info there over the Internet. This way I could always reach those remote offices' BEFVP41 (even if the VPN tunnel is down), while keeping all the IP info "in-house".

    In a perfect world this would be possible using something like BIND for my DDNS server and possibly a custom firmware for the BEFVP41, supporting nsupdate or something like that.

    Any ideas on how I could possibly accomplish this, preferably using some free (as in "beer") solutions? I'm open to any kind of suggestions, and apologize if I'm asking this in a wrong place (this being my first post here and all).


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