BEFVP41 and SSH Sentinel

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    BEFVP41 V2 Router Problem

    Router is directly connected to internet with a static IP. This router is connected to another BEFVP41 with the same settings as below, works fine. Password is a sample, not real.

    Router Side:
    IPSec Pass-Through: Enabled
    PPPoE Pass-Through: Enabled
    PPTP Pass-Through: Enabled

    Select Tunnel Entry: Tunnel2 (ROADWARRIOR1)
    VPN Tunnel: Enabled
    Tunnel Name: ROADWARRIOR1

    Local Secure Group: Subnet

    Remote Secure Group: Any

    Remote Security Gateway: Any

    Encryption: 3DES
    Authentication: MD5

    Key Management: Auto. (IKE)
    PFS: Enabled
    Pre-shared Key: test1234
    Key Lifetime: 3600 Sec.

    Advanced Tunnel 2

    Phase 1
    Operation Mode: Main
    Encryption: 3DES
    Authentication: MD5
    Group: 1024-bit
    Key Lifetime: 3600 seconds

    Phase 2
    Same as phase 1 but says PFS: ON

    No other settings checked

    Client Side:

    Client is on a dynamic address that rarely changes. Firewall is a D-Link DI-614+. Internal address is IPSEC and PPTP (including GRE) being forwarded to the internal address - even attempted using DMZ with no success.

    Remote Endpoint
    Security Gateway (Destination Router's WAN Address)
    Remote Network: Mask:
    Authentication Key: MyKey (with test1234 password)
    Proposal Template: legacy

    IKE Proposal:
    Encryption Algorithm: 3DES
    Integrity Function: MD5
    IKE mode: main mode
    IKE group: MODP 1024 (group 2)

    IPSec Proposal:
    Encryption Algorithm: 3DES
    Integrity Function: HMAC-MD5
    IPSec mode: tunnel
    PFS group: MODP 1024 (group 2)

    Attach only the selected values to the proposal (selected)

    Aquire Virtual IP address: DHCP over IPSec

    Advanced: Lifetimes all default, Discover path MTU

    When I attempt to connect to the router from my client, I get the following results:

    2006-06-25 14:30:47 UDP from 24.x.x.x:500 to 142.x.x.x:500
    2006-06-25 14:30:47 IKE[51] Rx << MM_I1 : 24.x.x.x SA, VID
    2006-06-25 14:30:47 IKE[51] Tx >> MM_R1 : 24.x.x.x SA
    2006-06-25 14:30:47 IKE[51] ISAKMP SA CKI=[71e2db33 e9000001] CKR=[e1b4ab8c 4847da50]
    2006-06-25 14:30:47 IKE[51] ISAKMP SA 3DES / MD5 / PreShared / MODP_1024 / 14400 sec (*14400 sec)
    2006-06-25 14:30:48 IKE[51] Rx << MM_I2 : 24.x.x.x KE, NONCE
    2006-06-25 14:30:48 IKE[51] Tx >> MM_R2 : 24.x.x.x KE, NONCE
    2006-06-25 14:30:49 IKE[51] **Check your ISAKMP Pre-share Key setting !
    2006-06-25 14:30:49 IKE[51] Tx >> Notify : INVALID-PAYLOAD-TYPE

    Any ideas?
  2. clicker666

    clicker666 LI Guru Member

    My example matches ones I've found on the net pretty close. I don't know if I'm blocking a port on my home LAN client side, or perhaps the D-Link DI-614+ is messing things up.

    What are people using for mobile clients? I'm sure you aren't all going out and spending money on clients LOL, and if you are, is there a sure-fire, guaranteed to work one. I'd certainly spend the company's money on something that actually worked without having to be a Cisco networking specialist.
  3. clicker666

    clicker666 LI Guru Member

    OK, I've done some more work on it....

    I've got a connection provided I supply an IP address. If I try to connect to the DHCP server (test on one lan using the BEFVP41 as DHCP) and on the other using Win2K3 Server DHCP.

    And, my inability to route - another thread, is an issue.

    I can ping the gateway at the far end of the tunnel, but nothing beyond.

    I can feel this is getting closer, but not quite there. It's going to be one stupid setting somewhere, I'm sure of it! :(
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