BEFVP41 v2.1 with DDNS Problem

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by redhat, Jan 20, 2007.

  1. redhat

    redhat Guest

    my problem is that da DDNS Client is not working.
    "sorry about my english"

    In my BEFVP41 WebConfiguration is DDNS from
    my user name an password are typed in
    also the dyndns "host name"
    When i klick to "save settings" it shows "DDNS is updated successfully."
    and the IP adress is new and i can ping my dyndns_name .

    But when my connection is disconnecting from my Provider then will de DDNS Service not be updatet, only wen i in my WebConfiguration and klick "save settings" only then will the IP Adress will be updatet.

    Im serached for a new Firmware but i found nothing,
    i resettet the Router completly with "Restore Factory Defaults".

    Does someone have some ideas to fix this Problem?

    My Firmware is 1.02.00.

    Thanks for help
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